An exclusive international tour for SUN Resorts!

The hotel sector in Mauritius can once again feel fulfilled: business is picking up. It is with great enthusiasm that the Sun Resorts group delights in exhibiting its initiatives on an international level.

Even though the pandemic had slowed hotel operations, this period of crisis did not discourage the hoteliers of Sun Resorts. In fact, this pause enabled them to redefine the needs of their clientele and adapt to them.

 “We did not rest during those two years. I got the “chance” to work and anticipate customer demand. During the pandemic, customer expectations and needs have evolved. We made sure to identify them to adapt our offers”, underlines Joëlle Edwards-Tonks, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of Sun Resorts.

In order to offer a stay with complete peace of mind, the digitalisation of Sun Resorts services has been updated. The new “Sun Resorts App” offers residents the possibility of checking in online, reserving a table at the restaurant, a spa treatment and receiving notifications with practical information. This innovation also accompanied the renovation, worth more than 12 million euros, of Sugar Beach, the most popular five-star hotel on the west coast of the island.

Raising Awareness

These new strengths were highlighted during a European tour last March. From Germany, via France and the United Kingdom, the ambassador of Sun Resorts unveiled the unique experience offered by the group to those wishing to discover Mauritius.

Sun Resorts Luxury Indian Ocean 1

Moreover, one of the strengths of Sun Resorts is its ecological awareness, because more than ever, tourists are looking for places that respect the environment. The Chief Sales and Marketing Officer was thus able to highlight the ambitious coral nursery project located at Long Beach, where an American researcher has developed a technique that allows coral to grow 40 times faster.

The presentation of the group’s strategy and initiatives to European partners and media enabled Sun Resorts to renew ties and reposition itself on the market.