Exhibition: The legendary Picasso at the Blue Penny Museum

A feat for the Indian Ocean! The famous and timeless Spanish painter Pablo Picasso is in the spotlight with an exhibition, organised by the MCB, Beachcomber Resorts & Hotels, and other partners at the Blue Penny Museum at Caudan Waterfront in Port Louis. From the 24th of November 2018 until the 15th of January 2019, you can discover the legendary works of this great worldly-admired painter.

Photographie par Irving Penn Picasso Blue Penny MCB Luxury Mauritius 1
Photography by Irving Penn
Picasso, a genius of the twentieth century

Pablo Picasso, born in Spain on the 25th of October 1881, is a painter, cartoonist, sculptor and engraver. Having created 50,000 works -including 1,885 paintings, 1,228 sculptures, 2,880 ceramics, 7,089, 342 tapestries, 150 books of sketches and 30,000 prints -, Picasso is known for his contributions in this field.

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An exhibition made possible thanks to a Mauritian 

After years of studying law, Steeve Sowamy, a Mauritian and native of Pamplemousses, embarked on the sale of paintings. While building his notoriety, he was lucky enough to sell paintings of famous painters, and shortly after, those of Picasso. He became one of the most popular sellers of Paris.

Dreaming of rediscovering his roots, Steeve Sowamy returned to Mauritius after 40 years and discovered the Blue Penny Museum. During this visit, he met Emmanuel Richon, curator of the museum. After several encounters between these two arts enthusiasts, the idea to exhibit paintings of the very famous Picasso came.

Art, a sector needing to be developed in Mauritius

Emmanuel Richon and Steeve Sowamy found that there is a real need to publicise art in Mauritius, and the Picasso exhibition could be, according to them, a way to stir up this. By exposing a painter of this caliber, they want to convey a message to Mauritians, that our Island is worthy to receive such exposure, but also to foreigners, tourists, that our island can offer a cultural experience. This could also raise the issue of the lack of a National Museum where local artists could be exposed.

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As Mauritius is far from the home town of these famous paintings, it was a hard task to bring them here. A team has been set up and has worked for several months. The members working on the concept of the exhibition has wished to focus on Ambroise Vollard, an artist from Reunion Island and Picasso’s former friend. Therefore, the exhibition will be a mixture of the two great artists’ work.