The Saint Brandon archipelago is said to be the incarnation of heaven on Earth. Virgin islets surrounded by a coral reef of exceptional beauty and untouched by pollution… This is the earthly paradise described by Jean-Marie Le Clézio in his novel Le Chercheur D’Or. And Saint Brandon Cruises offers you an opportunity to discover it in exclusivity… Live an extraordinary adventure aboard the vessel of your choice – catamaran, sailboat or fishing boat – and set sail on the same route as the pirates of yesteryear!!


This marine preservation will thrill fishing enthusiasts who should expect encounters with large specimens of the sea: tunas, barracudas, skipjacks and giant trevallies. But those who prefer fly-fishing also have something to enthuse about: the archipelago’s lagoon abounds with Bonefish. The archipelago’s crystalline waters is the home of a rich marine fauna where rays, tortoises, sharks and tropical fish offer scuba diving lovers an extraordinary spectacle… Escape civilisation by giving free rein to your desires and sailing to Saint Brandon. Saint Brandon Cruises plans your trip and helps you choose the boat for your ideal getaway and live a real ‘Robinson Crusoe’ adventure.

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