[NEW] SAINT BRANDON : Just one click away

Saint Brandon archipelago… a diamond in the rough which was up till now only accessible to a handful of enthusiasts. Since the month of February 2017, a partnership between Raphael Fishing Ltd (company holder of the lease regarding the islands) and the website saintbrandon.com allows to book the adventure of a lifetime (to be repeated without ifs or buts for enthusiasts), with just one click.

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Christophe Desmarais, owner and director of both Catamaran Cruises Ltd and saintbrandon.com, is the one behind this wondrous project. In 1996, while he was only 19 years old, he got the opportunity to board a ship for Saint Brandon. Once there, he literally fell in love with this slice of heaven and stayed for 3 weeks. Then, two years ago, while looking for a way to get back to this place, he realized that there were only scraps of information about the island available on the web. This is when he decides to buy a couple of domain names around the word ‘saint brandon’, including saintbrandon.com. His objective: to launch a web platform about Saint Brandon Island. It was not long before his website users, wishing to visit Saint Brandon, started to contact him. Christophe then decides to set up a partnership with Raphael Fishing Ltd.

“With saintbrandon.com, , we create brand awareness for the cruise operator who will be serving Saint Brandon”, relates Christophe Desmarais.

This is how, since the beginning of 2017, adventurers from all corners of the world, may book their tickets in just a few clicks for a 10-day stay in Saint Brandon. A departure is scheduled every week from Mauritius. If weather conditions are suitable, cruises will be available as from next week. You are just a couple of clicks away from an incredible adventure. Click here to learn more about bookings and do not forget your 10% discount LUXMUR promo code.

As from now, someone wishing to visit Saint Brandon alone, will be able to book his/her ticket”, says Florian Bétuel, Operations Supervisor of Raphael Fishing.

The cruise will be available through one of the two 65-foot fishing vessels of Raphael Fishing. Each boat includes 4 cabins with 2 air-conditioned ones. We are thus far away from the crowded massive cruise ships we are used to. The number of passengers is limited to 8 persons, that is a maximum of 400 visitors every year.




There is virtually no other place like Saint Brandon on our planet today: pristine and untouched where unspoilt nature prevails. The island boasts crystal-clear lagoons and infinite white sandy beaches sprinkled with magnificent seashells. The archipelago composed of 30 islets hosts an exceptional fauna and flora: a wide array of different bird species, fish, lobsters, sea turtles, tuna and sharks to name a few. The sea around Saint Brandon can only be described as full of life, something we hardly see nowadays. This is why many researches from all the over the globe have come to explore its shores. Many of them have even come across a number of endemic species which have not yet been indexed.

saint-brandon-wild-island  saint-brandon-wild-island  saint-brandon-16

A trip to Saint Brandon will free you from the hassle of modern world all while helping you connect with nature. The archipelago is the dream destination for fishing amateurs and professionals, underwater diving enthusiast, kite surfers, photographs and nature lovers.

saint-brandon-wild-island saint-brandon-wild-island saint-brandon-wild-island


The directors of Raphael Fishing wish to preserve this rich environment at all costs. “The new shareholders aim to make Saint Brandon a preserved natural sanctuary and turn it into a protected area”, relates Fabrice Salaün, General Manager of the company. He explains that a lot of plundering still prevails within the waters of the archipelago, where protection is limited. “Last year, we created the Fondation Saint Brandon in partnership with the Mauritius Wildlife Foundation. So, we now receive funds from different companies enrolled in the CSR programme, to help protect Saint Brandon by hiring rangers to protect the zone, for example”, adds Fabrice Salaün.

Why have we not chosen the helicopter or hydroplane option as it is the case elsewhere in the world? Because given the number of bird species, this would highly disturb and impact the ecosystem.” Fabrice Salaün, General Manager de Raphael Fishing

You may now book your 10-day trip to Saint Brandon online on saintbrandon.com. But as the operators would emphasize, the expedition to Saint Brandon remains an adventure. The only way to get there remains by boat.

“This is a true expedition. We are 500 kilometres from everything.” warns Christophe Desmarais.

No doctors in the archipelago or on board, no telephone access, limited access to water and electricity, no luxury villa on the beach: a throwback to authentic adventure just like pirates used to experience years before.  

This is the greatest appeal of this type of expedition, it is about a complete immersion into nature. This rare, not to say a unique opportunity, is not easy to find and it is here in Saint Brandon.

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