When football becomes a vector of integration

What if football was a stepping stone for a holistic development for disadvantaged children, helping them in believing in themselves and succeed? Based on this observation, the MCB Football Club adventure started in 2008 and evolved in a true accelerator of dreams…

One vision: create an environment helping to outdo oneself on a sportive, educational and human aspect. The MCB Football Academy distinguishes itself since the beginning with its global approach in order to make tomorrow’s citizens flourish. Initiated by the MCB Forward Foundation, which manages all the Corporate Social Responsibility’s activities for the MCB group, this project arises from the small village of Saint Hilaire, before spreading to other regions—from Flacq to Camp Levieux, including Pailles and Rodrigues island.

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The MCB Football Academy is clearly about football—whose values and facets are instilled in children aged 6 to 11 by certified coaches. Together with those disadvantaged youngsters, they teach about living their passion for the round ball. Playing with friends, feel the thrill of a game, a dribble or the joy of scoring… as  any pleasures that football awakens! But the MCBFA’s holistic approach goes beyond football. The children entering one of those academies benefit from a regular follow-up as to embolden their development in its globality. To do so, the MCBFA has built itself as a place of life where all the difficulties, like poverty or a complex family environment, don’t mean fatality.


Juliette François-Assone, MCB Forward Foundation director, explains: “Evolving in those academies means more than just knowing how to play with a ball. Those children are obligated to go to school—but not only. They benefit, for instance, from training on the necessity of education, civic duties and what truly being part of society entails. In this learning process preparing for adulthood, the parents also have an essential part to play. They are fully involved in those awareness activities, in order to be able to guide their children at home and take responsibility to become accomplished parents.”

The children’s health, and everything it implies, is another line of action at the MCBFA in view to help those facing eventual emotional instabilities, or even psychological abuse from their community. This is why the MCBFA also assists with their mental health.

A whole dedicated helping ecosystem is thus proposed by the MCBFA in order to grow and flourish the future generation…