Gourmet destinations: where your next culinary delight awaits

Exceptional gastronomy in a heavenly setting… Two new restaurants from the Beachcomber group, operational since early November 2019, honour this statement with boundless enthusiasm by offering fine-dining experiences in a bistronomy venue, as well as vegetarian and vegan cuisine. Let us dive into it! 

Dina’s: the Gourmet Bistrot of Dinarobin Beachcomber Golf Resort & Spa

Formerly known as Il Gusto, this restaurant now highlights the bistronomy concept, serving healthy and fulfilling comfort food, using mainly high-quality local products.

Luxury Indian Ocean Beachcomber Dina's 3

This innovative approach promotes organic food, cooking without artificial colours or flavours and healthy eating while respecting the environment. For instance, thanks to Ecozone for the supply of products and decoration, guests can enjoy genuine cuisine based on local products in a relaxing mise-en-scene: green walls and centrepieces, as well as a newly designed outdoor terrace with aromatic plant beds.

Among the sapid options on the menu: the Bel Ombre hare terrine with pistachio nuts; the organic salad of freshly-grilled Mauritian octopus accompanied with potatoes and pecorino, or the local parrotfish fillet accompanied with lime from Rodrigues… Furthermore, enjoy organic wines and organic fair-trade coffee and tea to make this dining experience perfect!

Natura: Vegetarian and vegan dining at Shandrani Beachcomber Resort & Spa

While vegan and vegetarian venues are rare on the island, in consonance with the growing popularity of vegan and healthy lifestyles, Natura restaurant comes forward as a perfect option for your next delectable meatless experience. Open exclusively for dinner, guests can enjoy, along with the splendid ocean views in an intimate tropical garden, fresh healthy vegetarian food and some vegan choices prepared with the best-sourced ingredients.

Luxury Indian Ocean Beachcomber Shandrani 1

A mellow yet stylish ambience exudes from Natura’s trendy decor. Whether you chose the vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, or are just looking for an Epicurean gourmet escapade, expect an appetising and authentic journey with several mouth-watering dishes. 

Luxury Indian Ocean Beachcomber Shandrani 2

With tasty meals featuring a wide mix of vegetables and herbs from starters to dessert, luxuriate in the delicious encounter of a fascinating cuisine: fennel, apple and mixed greens salad with orange and roasted pine nut dressing; butternut soup with vegetable julienne; soba noodles with broccoli; bean sprouts and lemon confit, as well as a poached pear with star anise and red berries sherbet… In addition to the restaurant’s wine list, which features a selection of quality organic wines in white, red and rosé, find some delightful vegan cocktails also on the menu. 

Treat yourself with delicious culinary adventures this end of year!