High perfumery settles in Mauritius

As fascinating as exclusive, high perfumery mixes unique fragrances with rare ingredients, and an exceptional know-how with years of hard work to fill up a special bottle. While, for a long time, it has been a privilege to be discovered only in occidental salons, it is now being imported to Mauritius by Salon de Parfums, since 2017. We take you on an epic olfactory journey to uncover these refined scents.

A perfume can be a story, a seduction game and an adventure, all at once. Whether yours is a signature one or your seasonal companion, it is your sign of assertiveness. As you embrace your individuality, finding a scent which subtly states your uniqueness is a stepping stone on your identity quest. Salon de Parfums, the fragrance shop at the InterContinental Resort in Balaclava, helps you find a unique aroma which meets your wildest needs. It is the exclusive home to some of the most prestigious perfume houses in the world: Roja Parfums, Amouage, M. Micallef, Ormonde Jayne, Moresque, Amouroud…

There, our quest for the sui generis perfume is a sensory experience in itself. Koreish, Fragrance Consultant, guides us with her expert nose and inspiring anecdotes about the composition and history of fragrances and their designers. We drift away to the bay of Positano and its flowery and tangy scents; to the heart of a mysterious tropical forest and its hypnotic gardenia; to the hot, spicy and enchanting fragrance of the Alhambra Palace; or to the Silk Road’s oriental bouquet, stretched from China to Arabia. Each bottle is an invitation to a one-of-a kind journey.

On a fine morning, we let ourselves get carried away on this unequaled olfactory trip, and discover the most audacious bets. Some of them bring back our fondest memories, others make us discover new horizons and possibilities. Some of them dress us up, others undress us. But what they all have in common is that singular ability to attract us.

Oscent Black, Alexandre J.

Alexandre J., the creative French designer, is a Jack-of-all-trades! His luxurious bottles made with nacre and pearl ornaments, or enamel medallions, are mixed with exceptional fragrances to create pieces of art.

Oscent Black is a masculine and oriental perfume with woody and musky fragrances. Inspired by the mythical legend of the philosopher’s stone which is believed to have the power to turn metal into gold, it is an exalting eau de parfum with tobacco notes, enhanced by anise and ginger.

Lune Féline, Atelier des Ors

It is with hints of French art de vivre that Atelier des Ors reinvents traditional high perfumery. Each composition is a poem speaking of its heritage and know-how.

This bottle, a true work of art with gold tears, is both elegant and refined. The distinguished and magnetic composition inside, concocted by Marie Salamagne, is the perfect mix of bewitching and gourmet fragrances. Its soft vanilla scent, mixed with the animalic attractiveness of musk, are a symbol of pure temptations.

Regina, Art Collection, Moresque

The Italian perfume house Moresque is an ode to creativity. Moorish art and the outstanding know-how put into local handicrafts is spotlighted through its unique and timeless hand-made bottles.

Inspired by a young aristocrat who, in the 19th century, traveled to faraway lands to be reunited with her husband, Regina has both a floral and marine composition. It is a romantic perfume that screams adventure and mystery, with patchouli, amber, vanilla and sandalwood as bottom notes, and jasmine and carnation as heart notes.