Îlienne: Roche Bobois showcases Laetitia Lor’s latest collection

Dive into the enchanting universe of Laetitia Lor in the showroom of Roche Bobois… Amidst aerial views, fantasised landscapes and whimsical journeys, let your imagination go wild thanks to the abstract paintings of this French artist. Discover “Îlienne” and her chimerical works…

Luxury Indian Ocean Laetitia Lor 1
Anima – Tristan Chaillet

Since the 1st of June, Roche Bobois has been hosting Laetitia Lor and her latest “Îlienne” collection in its showroom. This free-themed exhibition is inspired by a hampered and magnified environment. Painted on raw canvases, tarp or tin, the work of Laetitia Lor reveals fantastic landscapes, whether underwater or celestial, animal or organic… All paintings tell a story, one that will inspire you. Carefully arranged in this showroom, the canvases are adorned with beautiful lights. They will let you glimpse a possible everyday life, whereby art and furniture seem to set each other off perfectly.

Each canvas brings out the different emotions that I experienced during the confinement. Sometimes dreamy, sometimes frustrated, I let my moods guide my art. We can also see the influence of island life, whether in the colours or the landscapes. Exhibiting at Roche Bobois, even if it may seem unconventional, gives a different context to my work ”, confides Laetitia Lor.

The Roche Bobois brand, passionate about Luxury Art and Design, supports events and exhibitions around the world. Most of the furniture is designed by the great designers and architects of the moment.

The artist

Laetitia Lor, an already well-known figure on the Mauritian painting scene—having exhibited in South Africa, Australia and France—has been painting for more than 23 years. Laetitia Lor resides on her adopted territory, which is Mauritius. Of French origin, she has lived a life outside her native land for over 16 years. Laetitia is also a major player in the Mauritian art scene with the platform known as THE THIRD DOT, which has been supporting local art for 5 years.

Luxury Indian Ocean Laetitia Lor 2
Lacher Prise – Tristan Chaillet

“Îlienne” will be displayed until the 31st of July 2021 in the Roche Bobois showroom in Forbach. Imagine an adventure where Art opens up your daily life, like windows open to another elsewhere.