La Pirogue awarded the international certification of ‘The Pledge on Food Waste’

A great initiative against food waste that pays off! La Pirogue is a real bulwark in this battle. The ambition of this pioneer of the West Coast luxury hotel industry to build a zero-waste culture on the island turned out to be a real success with the Sun Resorts Group hotel achieving the prestigious international PLEDGE on Food Waste certification with a 96% success rate.

Business Mauritius, in collaboration with LightBlue Environmental Consulting, launched a pilot project in Mauritius last June, in line with the Paris Accord, aiming to reduce carbon emissions by 30% by 2030 as well as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The project focuses on several criteria around seven key pillars, including the establishment’s vision, team training, food waste registration, food management procedures from purchase to plate, interaction with consumers and redistribution and processing options.

Building a zero-food waste culture

“At Sun, reducing food waste has always been part of our sustainability strategy. It’s a way to help our communities while protecting our planet. Sun’s ambition is to build a zero-food waste culture where we reduce the resources we use, reuse, and recycle everything we can within our hotels. Only what cannot be recycled at all is thrown away,” says François Eynaud, CEO of Sun Resorts.

The Sun group is determined to win the battle against food waste. Thus, all its Executive Chefs are currently following a training course offered by LightBlue Environmental Consulting and financed by AFD and Cap Business Océan Indien. The aim is to find solutions and implement the anti-waste protocol in the kitchens and restaurants.

In the meantime, Sun Resorts has already accomplished an important exercise through its sorting initiative, allowing a reduction of up to 70% of its waste. A great example for all!