«L’amour, toujours !», the new drama you should not miss at the Caudan Arts Center

Love is in the air and it will happen on the Caudan Arts Center stage on the 23rd, 24th and 25th of April 2019. Directed by Pierre Louis Paillusseau, this play written by Joël Pommerat will take the audience on a trip through the heart’s maze… with a certain sense of humour, but without taking away from this feeling’s original folly, its incoherence, illusion and disillusion which contribute to make of love a delightful and burning caress upon the soul…

Lamours Toujours Luxury Indian Ocean 3 Caudan Arts Centre

Pierre Louis Paillusseau takes on the challenge of making us navigate the long river of love, lulled by thirteen scenes which touch on various themes. Separation, infidelity, money, death, friendship, children… Topics which confront love, facing which it wears off, or is reborn: all the more subjects which remind the audience of the chimerical and poignant depictions of its own relationship with love. The cross-shaped and slightly elevated stage is the symbolical place where love’s tribulations play with high hopes and pure feelings.

Pierre Louis Paillusseau Lamours Toujours Luxury Indian Ocean 2
Pierre Louis Paillusseau

Pierre Louis Paillusseau, director and comedian trained at the infamous “Cours Florent”, has taken the discretion of enriching the original text by Joël Pommerat. Mauritian multicultural influences feed this insatiable quest… as if love were not complicated enough! This bold choice brings in renewal and creativity, thus allowing words to rise up to the comedians’ diverse origins. And this artistic freedom does not end here, as Pierre Louis Paillusseau has chosen chose to be surrounded by only 2 actors…

Benjamin Gilot Lamours Toujours Luxury Indian Ocean
Benjamin Gilot

Benjamin Gilot, trained at “l’atelier théâtre Frédéric Jacquot” in Paris, and Vinaya Sungkur, theatre and film actress who has also been the director of her own company since 2013.

Vinaya Sungkur Lamours Toujours Luxury
Vinaya Sungkur

3 comedians to portray the 31 characters of the show, a successful equation which sheds light on each comedian’s stage performance while breathing an upbeat rhythm and sense of playfulness into the work…

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