LUX* Le Morne Resort bags the highest award ‘The Pledge all Star’

LUX* Le Morne Resort has won the battle against food waste! This flagship of luxury on the island has once again bolstered its commitment to sustainable development by obtaining the prestigious label of “The Pledge on Food Waste” with the highest distinction: “The Pledge all Star”. This is a great example to follow so that our island remains yet greener and more sustainable.

Luxury Indian Ocean Lux le morne The Pledge

Awarded by The Pledge on Food Waste in Singapore, this accolade reinforces the Zero Food Waste approach, which has been in place since 2018. It is after an intensive six-month technical training on food waste management and optimisation provided by LightBlue Environmental Consulting that LUX* Le Morne Resort has rightfully obtained this glorious international certification.


“At LUX* Le Morne Resort, we have long been determined to wage war on food waste. We are committed to zero food waste (refuse, reuse, recycle), meaning that nothing should go into the bin! This training has provided us with all the tools and knowledge required to strengthen our objective. Moreover, this certification, recognised by the United Nations will help us to better promote this cause to our clients”, says Jérémie de Fombelle, General Manager of LUX* Le Morne Resort.

Zero food waste

The lightblue environmental Consulting programme requires participants to meet no less than 95 criteria for optimal waste management. LUX* Le Morne Resort passed all of them with flying colours. Not only did it win the highest score of “The Pledge all Star”, but also in the categories of “Greatest reduction in food waste per place setting”, “Greatest reduction in total food waste and reduction in CO2 equivalent” and “Zero food waste in landfill”.

The Pledge on Food Waste was launched in Mauritius to reduce food waste and carbon emissions by 30% by 2030 in order to better meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.