[Video] A mocktail… and an exotic taste on the water’s edge

Gazing at endless shades of blue, under the gentle caress of a warm tropical breeze, while enjoying the exotic flavours of a cocktail… Sounds like you are having a refreshing drink at the One&Only Le Saint Géran  Badamier. 

Watch the video:

This realm pays tribute to utmost luxury while taking all of your senses on a trip to new territories. What’s better than fresh mint leaves and fleshy passion fruit in a refreshing drink – your ideal mocktail, reflecting the very best of the islander lifestyle of Mauritius? Only&Only Le Saint Géran is now a reference to share this fabulous culture.

On top of its exotic yet luxurious appeal, the heavenly premises of the resort, nestled between mountains, sugar cane fields and turquoise waters of the private peninsula of Pointe de Flacq is a beckoning call to a sweet escape… Between land and sea, the mixologist masters the science of creating perfectly refined drinks, for each moment of the day, from warm summer nights to temperate afternoons.

For more variety? No less than 5 gastronomic restaurants, walking the line between local and international cuisine, will surprise and charm your taste buds:

  • PRIME, the unconventional steakhouse, serving its famous Angus and Wagyu steaks, among other locally-inspired dishes, on top of foundations which date back to the 16th century;
  • Tapasaké, a restaurant on stilts, which sublimates Asian cuisine;
  •  L’Artisan, giving a gourmet dimension to breakfast time, with a wide array of danish pastries and coffees, like the best continental bakeries;
  •  La Terrasse, which fosters a convivial atmosphere between the chef and patrons thanks to its open kitchen and signature fine dining menu, and
  • La Pointe, ideally situated at the edge of the peninsula, will satisfy the most demanding connoisseurs with the catch of the day, and fresh seafood.