“Parlons photo” explores the link between photography and the construction of our island’s visual heritage

The Beau Plan Creative Park is hosting a one-of-a-kind event dedicated to the art of photography, this Saturday 3rd October… a not to be missed event for every photography aficionados!  

Parlons Photo Luxury Indian Ocean2

“Parlons photo”, a free and open cultural event, aspires to show photography is accessible to everyone. This one-of-a-kind event, which will revolve around projections, installations and live performances, aims to offer a rewarding experience to the audience. The evening is hosted by two photography enthusiasts, Stéphane Huët, communication professional who has studied the enhancement of heritage, and Mathieu Pigeot, cultural entrepreneur and photographer.

Photography and heritage

Focused on the theme “Photography and heritage”, a conversation with three stakeholders, Tristan Bréville, Jaffar Sobha and Karl Ahnee, will explore the link between photography and the construction of our visual heritage:

Why and how does the photographer create a sense between a place and its community?

Is photography capable of forming genuine memories of our country?

In this digital era, what is the point of integrating our dean’s work into online communication?

Mathieu Pigeot, organiser of this cultural event, explains the idea behind this ambitious theme: “The construction of our heritage is both important for our cultural development and for the culture of photography. To paraphrase one of our speakers, Jaffar Sobha, “To photograph is to remember”. So, it makes sense to address the subject of archiving and visual heritage. It is also a way to create a bridge between the deans of Mauritian photography and young photographers from the digital generation.”

Beau Plan’s Creative Park, a cultural setting

The event will take place in the Creative Park’s workshop. A place that not only values culture in all of its forms, but also puts all the beauty of its heritage, that of the Terra group, forward. Steeped in the history of the sugar industry, with L’Aventure du Sucre’s museum a step away from the Creative Park, this area is thought to be a beautiful platform for cultural events and will, without a doubt, reinforce the cachet of the evening.

Discover the three speakers
  • Tristan Bréville

Photographer, archivist and curator, Tristan Bréville dedicated his life to the creation of an abundant collection of works of art. He is the founder of the Museum of Photography in Port Louis. He will cover two original documentary projects related to the conservation of the visual heritage: “Mémoire de Rue” and “Mémoire de Village”

© Tristan Bréville
  • Jaffar Sobha

Passionate about preserving our non-material and material heritage, Jaffar Sobha has been a tireless photographer since he was 15 years old. He is particularly interested in the lost trades, architecture and the daily life of the Mauritians. For him, the photographer’s mission is to fight against oblivion. This relentless archivist will share his work during the event.

  • Karl Ahnee

Photographer and artistic director, Karl Ahnee partakes in numerous residencies and exhibitions in Mauritius and abroad. In 2017, he was invited to participate in the project “Fragments” for which four photographers and a writer shared their views of Rose Hill in an exhibition and a photographic review. It is this experience that Karl will share during this evening.