Patrick Mavros, grounded and committed to Mauritius

Internationally known for its jewellery inspired by nature, the enterprise  Patrick Mavros has decided to engage in the protection and preservation of endangered species. Hence, in 2015—in collaboration with the  Mauritius Wildlife Foundation  (MWF)—, Patrick Mavros created the “Mauritius Wildlife” collection.

The tragic events which Mauritius has experienced this year have proven once again how fragile our ecosystems are, and the importance of protecting them. Thanks to the commitment made by Patrick Mavros, the MWF was able to benefit from a significant donation.

Patrick Mavros Luxury Indian Ocean 2

Patrick Mavros: gems and objets d’arts … It is above all a family story rooted in Africa. It all started in Zimbabwe, where the company was founded 40 years ago, and continued when Forbes Mavros chose to open his workshop in Mauritius in 2006. The jeweller has also set up its flagship store in London in 2010 before moving to Nairobi as well.

With nature-inspired designs, ranging from ants to elephants, using both modern and ancestral techniques, it was only natural for Kate and Forbes Mavros to have a hand in the preservation of species.

Since 2013, the “Mauritius Wildlife” collection has raised more than Rs 450,000, donated to the MWF. After the ecological disaster that Mauritius endured, more than 300 bracelets were sold, thus making it possible to collect over Rs 750,000 in less than three months.

Patrick Mavros Luxury Indian Ocean 1

According to Forbes, “When we created the Mauritius Wildlife Collection, I wanted to produce a jewellery collection showcasing endangered species, hoping this would help educate and raise awareness on how these species would be extinct without the intervention of Mauritius Wildlife. While these jewels reflect the identity of Patrick Mavros, they are also accessible to the general public.