Promoting eco-friendly practices… A key concern for Nespresso!

While eco-consciousness has become a major concern in contemporary society, more and more by companies, governments, associations and citizens are becoming aware of and committed to environmental issues.

Accordingly, Nespresso has launched a recycling programme for its aluminium coffee capsules, a material that can be endlessly recycled.

“Internationally, Nespresso is working towards the establishment of a true circular economy, including with the recycling of our capsules, which are made of aluminum, a material that is 100% recyclable and infinite. We are pleased to see that this initiative has been very well received here in Mauritius,” said Andrea Jacomelli, Commercial Director OOH – MEA region.

Recognising eco-actions

The idea of giving a second life to aluminium coffee capsules has been very well received in Mauritius, where Scott & Co Ltd – the official representative of Nespresso – organised an awards evening to recognise the most committed customers in the recycling programme.

In keeping with the brand’s DNA values of originality and authenticity, the trophy awarded to the partners was made from used Nespresso capsules, designed by Lebanese-born artist Rula Koenig. The prize-giving evening was intended to highlight and congratulate the players in the hotel and restaurant sector, as well as companies and individuals, for their support and commitment to this recycling programme.

Luxury Indian Ocean Nespresso Scott 1
A sustainable commitment

Scott & Co Ltd is committed to recycling its used capsules since 2019. By actively working on the ground with its customers, Nespresso has collected 3.5 million used capsules and 20 tonnes of coffee grounds (private and corporate customers combined).

All partners received a certificate of membership in the programme. In addition to the sense of satisfaction, this green venture creates a healthy competitive environment by encouraging partners to become more involved with recycling. For Matthew Taylor, Chief Executive Officer of Scott & Co Ltd, sustainability is a priority, in line with one of its core values – being responsible.

“We do business with international brands that have a clear and ambitious sustainability programme. It was therefore obvious for us to do everything possible to ensure the success of the Nespresso programme, among others,” he explains.

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Both businesses and individuals are increasingly aware of their impact on the environment nowadays. The effort of recycling aluminium coffee capsules initiated by Nespresso is an example of this ecological awareness. By encouraging the recovery and recycling of waste, Nespresso sets an example and encourages consumers to adopt more responsible behaviour.