The SALT Cookbook: Original recipes to titillate your taste buds

The Lux Collective’s upscale resort in the east of the island–SALT of Palmar– presents with its signature cookbook. From local products to the secrets of Mauritian gastronomy, this flavourful recipe book shall spice up your cuisine. Discover The SALT Cookbook’s array of tasty recipes, to the delight of your gourmet guests.

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Appetising experience for the launch

The launch of the cookbook, held on the 22nd of August, has been the occasion to discover some scrumptious food and mellow drinks as well as a cooking class supervised by the Chefs of the SALT of Palmar (Khader and Vikram). The event has showcased several local suppliers for the preparation of some meals from the famous SALT Cookbook such as: vegetarian empanadas, vegan ceviche with mushrooms, or pavlova.

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“Through this launch, we wish to offer the community what it brings us, through the local small farmers and fishermen who supply us with fresh products. In fact, we wanted to pay them tribute in The SALT Cookbook. Moreover, we have decided to launch the recipe book to share our culinary wealth with the world and celebrate our diversity. We, at SALT of Palmar, are very proud of it, and I would like to thank all those who have contributed to its creation,” said Raj Reedoy, the hotel’s Managing Director.

Recipes for all tastes

Savoury, sweet, vegetarian or even vegan dishes… You will surely find bliss in this cookbook. Divided into distinct themes, the recipes open up a world of delectable flavours: ‘Farm’, ‘Sea’, ‘Earth’, ‘Bakery’, ‘Sweet’, ‘Homemade’ and ‘Drink’. With photos by Michael Freeman–a famous international photographer–, the cookbook will inspire mouthwatering dishes.

Salt Cookbook Luxury Indian Ocean

The SALT Cookbook, a promise made by SALT of Palmar to help you discover the richness of Mauritian gastronomy. On sale at the hotel boutique at Rs 1950.