Savour the virtuosity of a master of the French dessert!

Gourmet delicacies, offering a unique sensory experience… A truly gastronomic journey is guaranteed at Heritage Resorts in Bel Ombre, on 13 and 14 August 2022! 

The hotel welcomes Julien Leveneur, a talented 30 year old from Réunion, who recently won the French Dessert Championship in April 2022, amidst an exquisite setting.

“One of Heritage Resorts’ priorities is to introduce its guests to talents and flavours from all over the world. After Christian Têtedoie, a Michelin-starred chef and Meilleur ouvrier de France during the Sustainable Gastronomy Week, we are now welcoming Julien Leveneur, a brilliant young pastry chef from our sister island whose style is unique and inspirational to Réunion Island. We want to encourage a regional talent and allow our guests to meet a renowned international talent and discover his expertise”, says Raoul Maurel, Chief Operations Officer of Heritage Resorts.

Luxury Indian Ocean Heritage Resorts Chef Julien Leveneur
Chef Julien Leveneur
Luxury Indian Ocean Heritage Resorts Mes Racines par Chef Julien Leveneur
Gourmet weekend

On Saturday 13 August, food lovers will be treated to his French Championship-winning dessert at a dinner at the Château de Bel Ombre. The dessert, named Mes Racines, is skillfully crafted with flavours from the sister island, namely vanilla, palms and tamarind jelly. The following day, Julien Leveneur will host a workshop at Heritage Le Telfair to share his culinary secrets with the hotel’s guests. In the evening, dinner will be served to the public at the Gin’Ja restaurant in Bel Ombre. 

Here’s to a mouth-watering experience