Since the beginning of the confinement, the planet is breathing!

As unfortunate as the current events may be, they do not lead to unpleasant surprises only. Indeed, despite the various issues caused by the coronavirus, the confinement measures taken all around the world have had a fairly positive impact on the planet… A refreshing break for Mother Nature.

Air quality has improved!

In the wake of the pandemic, the active lives of many have been put on hold… Several factories had to cease their activities; road and air traffic have significantly dropped. All these factors have drastically contributed to the reduction of air pollution all around the world. A decrease of nitrogen oxide concentrations have also been noted in European regions where the health curfew is imposed.

In addition to improving air quality, the confinement has also resulted in less carbon dioxide emissions. In some way, the lockdown has helped in slowing down the global warming process.

We should however remain on the lookout. These results are positive but not conclusive. François Gemenne, a researcher at ULiège and member of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), explains: “After a crisis, there is always a level of rebound. We may face an increase in greenhouse gases, similarly to the crisis of 2008. ”

Which is why we should not lose our good habits: being an eco-citizen is essential for the well-being of the planet.

Some great news

The pandemic breakout has initiated some pleasant scenarios as well. Thanks to a decrease in pollution, the waters of the Venice canals have recovered their clarity. With less air pollution in India, the summits of the Himalayas can be seen at a distance of almost 200 km for the first time in thirty years. Endangered turtles have given birth on deserted beaches in Northeast Paulista in Brazil.  

Luxury Indian Ocean Planete respire
Luxury Indian Ocean Planete respire 1
Luxury Indian Ocean Planete respire 3

Several conflicts are having a downtime because of the COVID-19. Cease-fires and truces have been planned or considered in countries like the Philippines, Sudan, Cameroon, and even in Syria and Yemen. Also, the number of crimes, such as burglaries and drug trafficking, has considerably dropped since the borders closed and with the quarantine measures.

The confinement has not only managed to curb the spread of the virus, but has also contributed to several beneficial situations for and around the world!