Julie Ferrez, celebrity sport coach at the Long Beach Golf & Spa

She is the reference in terms of fitness and well-being. Former coach to Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni, the young woman was on our island from february 3rd to 10th. It is through yoga workshops, among others, that the young expert, Julie Ferrez, made participants discover her own method to get back in shape at the Long Beach Golf & Spa, Sun Resorts.

Julie Ferrez coach fitness long beach sun resorts luxury mauritius 1

Young and already renown

The young woman may be only 30, and yet… Her successful career, expertise and innovative approach define her. Beyond her track record, Julie Ferrez builds her coaching on solid bases: health and fitness first.

A method which works out

Driven by her passion for sport and a healthy alimentation, Julie Ferrez created her own holistic fitness method which she called the Méthode Réhab’. It factors in various elements such as stress control and energy highs which have a direct influence on physical shape, above and beyond weight and alimentation.

Diets, be gone

It is probably the main characteristic of her fitness philosophy which made her so popular. The coach is indeed a slimming expert, but, do not be mistaken; her Méthode Réhab’ establishes health optimisation and long term fulfillment as pillars to get back into shape.

Julie Ferrez coach fitness long beach sun resorts luxury mauritius 2

It’s all the more reason to try this new approach, given its considerations which go beyond mere physical exercise. More than a simple program, it’s a lifestyle which will truly benefit you.