Origins of The Test Kitchen at Shangri-La’s Le Touessrock : a Chef’s profile

Luke Dale Roberts, the name to remember for the coming weeks. He is the instigator of The Test Kitchen, an extraordinary culinary experience which will soon take place at Shangri-La’s Le Touessrock Resort & Spa. Zooming in on a path paved with success.

Not just a Chef..

He is a renowned Chef, but also has a sense of luxury hospitality anchored inside of him. This culinary entrepreneur masters both substance and formalities of the industry, so much so, that his track record totals no less than four restaurants in South Africa… All prize winners. Could we call him the African continent’s Gordon Ramsay? All he is missing is a reality show.

TTK BTS-124 Le Touessrock Test Kitchen luxury mauritius
A winning quartet

If The Shortmarket Club, his restaurant at Shortmarket Street, puts forward dishes with uniquely audacious flavours, The Pot Luck Club also advocates taste, but also dishes with a small, delicate and ethereal plating to transcend your senses.  The Luke Dale Roberts X The Saxon, on the other hand, has been nominated in the “Best Restaurant Hotel” category. The fourth address, but not the least, is The Test Kitchen. And they have all been nominated for the “Gold Award for consistency and chef excellence”

TTK - Wednesday BTS-058 Test Kitchen luxury mauritius Le Touessrock
What awaits in The Test Kitchen

We had previously presented you this captivating and innovative concept. The Test Kitchen has obtained, last November, the prize for best tasting menu, award created by none other than the regional branch of Condé Nast, leader of glossy paper publications which no longer needs any introduction.  

The chef’s surprise? Last Tuesday, Chef Luke Dale Roberts headed to the Flacq market, accompanied by his team to discover our local products, thus adding a Mauritian touch to his menu. Your tastebuds will therefore embark on a whole new journey without feeling completely homesick.

TTK - Bazar-057 Le Touessrock Test Kitchen luxury mauritius
A refined launch

70 guests, including minister Anil Gayan, as well as members of the MTPA, among others, had the privilege to attend the launch of this unprecedented culinary experience.

The Test Kitchen Mauritius experience: MUR 3,500 per person, including a snack menu of four dishes served tapas style in the Dark Room and a five-course gourmand menu in the Light Room.

For more information and reservation:

P : 5259 1441 / 5255 3892 / 402 7400