The Golden Putter : An exclusive and Elegant Golf Club

Every Putter is as unique as you. In addition we offer several possibilities with which you can further personalize your Golden Putter, with even more exclusive materials, and customized luxury details“, says Michael Barth, Founder and Owner of Barth & Sons to describe one of the most expensive golf clubs worldwide.

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The manufacturer offers several possibilities to further personalize the hand-crafted Golden Putter, with even more exclusive materials and customized luxury details such as Gems, Diamonds or Gold Application. The Golden Putter is made with fine, precious materials, combining both a classical style with a traditional form and covered with 24 karat gold. Each stick is emphasized by a nominal engraving or the gold tablet on the handle, making every putter unique. With the Golden Putter, Barth offers a custom-made luxury golf club that promises to make the golfer in you feel comfortable on the green anywhere you are.

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