Sun Resorts: Yoga sessions with Julie Ferrez

 Ancient Indian scholars advocate that yoga should ideally be practised in a pleasant environment, and whenever possible, close to nature. This is precisely what Sun Resorts is offering through yoga sessions from 7 to 14 February at Long Beach, led by Julie Ferrez, THE French reference in this discipline.

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At the start of the year, as we are still struggling to find our bearings, there is nothing more beneficial than to offer ourselves a moment of well-being to restore the much-needed balance between body and mind. Yoga techniques are the best way to do this, especially if they are dispensed by an expert such as Julie Ferrez, with sessions designed for all levels.

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Relaxation by the ocean

Sun Resorts thus offers yoga sessions in the enthralling Long Beach Hotel on its green lawn facing the ocean. Two sessions are scheduled daily at Rs 800 per person.


The first one, a 60-minute “Sunrise Yoga”, starts at 8 am. It is essentially aimed at activating the energies and awakening the body. More than a discipline, it is an art of living. 


The second, “Sunset Yoga”, also 60 minutes long, offers relaxing yoga to the beat of sunset. It aims at combining postures, relaxation, and meditation: a perfect formula for sound sleep and relaxation. 


Julie Ferrez is passionate about sports and yoga. With a singular career path, she has been an anchor on the Télématin programme on France 2 for almost a decade, after having been Fitness Manager for the prestigious Le Ritz of Paris.

She has also been involved in the fitness and well-being of public figures for almost 13 years. Her philosophy of life is to combine fitness, stress management, nutrition, and well-being through her online coaching programmes.