A tasty beehive to celebrate Easter!

Easter is around the corner, and to celebrate this grand occasion, Stephan Baptiste, the Royal Palm Beachcomber Luxury’s Pastry Chef, draws his inspiration from the bee, its honeycomb and its nectar, and the result can only be pure royal magic!

Drawing his influence from the rich nature of Royal Palm, Chef Stephan Baptiste unfolds a unique trompe-l’oeil creation in the shape of a honeycombed beehive. In doing so, he pays tribute to mother nature.

The idea was also to combine the pleasure of sweetness with the environment. This celebration of the finest pastry is in line with the 52 Environmental & Social Commitments of the Beachcomber Group, certified EarthCheck.

Le Miel de nos Jardins

Over the past few years, swarms of bees have made the Royal Palm their home. Every day, this colony supplies a delicate honey that is offered to the hotel’s residents under the name ‘Le Miel de nos Jardins’. Stephan Baptiste has thus conceived a unique work, all chocolate, bearing the queen in mind.

Gently laid on its base, this beehive springs to life with Menakao 72% dark chocolate from Madagascar. Boasting a lovely tangy finish, this intense chocolate is sweet enough to enhance the deep cocoa aroma and red fruit notes. An ivory white chocolate shell with delicious notes of Mauritian vanilla enhances the illusion of the beehive. The aromas of honey mingle perfectly to create a perfect marriage.

Stephan Baptiste joined the Royal Palm Beachcomber Luxury as Executive Pastry Chef in August 2022. He has had a fruitful international career where he has, notably, joined Le Châlet de la Forêt, a two-starred restaurant in the Michelin Guide.