Experience a profound and transformative journey at SALT of Palmar

Get ready to connect with yourself for a deep and transformative experience through yoga at SALT of Palmar. And if you dare to go further, stretch your body with aerial postures!

This boutique hotel, exclusively reserved for adults, invites you to experience, feel, vibrate, and balance your seven main chakras, these famous subtle centers of the body, to better circulate vital energy and recharge yourself.

For one week, two renowned yoga teachers, Angélique and Aurélie, will take you on a sublime wellness journey from May 6th to May 13th at SALT of Palmar for a ‘Yoga Retreat Journey.’

The enchanting setting of this little haven of peace, surrounded by a white sand beach, lush coconut trees, and a magnificent lagoon, is naturally suited for those seeking physical, auric, and spiritual well-being.

Finally stress-free !

“SALT of Palmar is the ideal place to allow people to reconnect with themselves through yoga. The Yoga Retreat Journey is in line with the hotel’s philosophy of inspiring visitors by connecting them with the locals and different destinations in Mauritius. Stress is a more and more widespread problem, and yoga is known to be a powerful remedy to combat it. The well-being of our visitors being at the heart of our concerns, we make it our duty to offer them this type of deep and transformative experience,” says Raj Reedoy, the hotel’s general manager.

The most daring enthusiasts can also venture into aerial yoga or on a floating board in the pool. And the cherry on top? A one-hour spa treatment at SALT Equilibrium.