246 Edith Cavell Court, to help rejuvenate Port-Louis

A construction is under way and will be the meeting point of culture, work and recreation, bringing with it a sense of renewal in the capital city. CIM Property, a subsidiary of CIM Group, considers it as its contribution to the already rich cultural and economic heritage of Port-Louis. It is no wonder the group invested up to Rs 500 million to fund this project. As a leap of faith in the future of the capital, the economic and cultural hotspot of the country, the group hopes to help in turning the town towards an even more prosperous future through this unique vision of the heritage of Port-Louis and its stakes.

Edith Cavell Courtyard Night View Luxury Mauritius
An architectural jewel

Combining modernity and history, this piece of architecture aims at integrating the charm of the old buildings of the city by drawing its inspiration from colonial architecture, whilst conferring it a new and unique identity, in line with the group’s vision. Launched last July, the Edith Cavell Court banks on what constitutes the city’s main asset: an incomparable architectural style. It will, however, remain in phase with nature, and distinctively modern.

Edith Cavell Courtyard Night View Luxury Mauritius 2
A way to boost the capital

Albeit various real estate projects are mushrooming all over the island, Port-Louis remains the historical heart of the country. But this does not mean that this town is getting old…The 246 Edith Cavell Court joins in on a much broader movement including other projects which aim at boosting and rejuvenating the capital. If the finished product should be delivered by November 2019, it will precede the imminent arrival of the “metro léger”, and the new Supreme Court.

Edith Cavell Office View Luxury Mauritius
A comprehensive offer

These premises will be the meeting point of business, recreation and culture. It will include a commercial space of 3,000 m2, a space dedicated to art and culture spanning over 500 m2, and 2,500 m2 worth of office spaces which can host up to 300 persons. Its ideal placement is also a golden asset since the 246 Edith Cavell Court is situated near the financial and judicial hotspots of the island- as if to seduce businessmen in search of offices in Mauritius. Finally, the whole construction of the the building, from windows to ventilation has been thought through with the goal of maximising productivity, and giving a comfortable environment to future tenants.