A fresh new award for PALM Hotel & Spa!

Once again, PALM Hotel & Spa has successfully renewed its “European Ecolabel – Tourist Accommodation Services” certification by way of the French Agency for Normalisation (AFNOR). The hotel has been dedicated to an eco-responsible development of its structures and services for several years now… By winning for the second time in a row this certification, PALM Hotel & Spa confirms its ongoing effort towards sustainability.

A well-deserved reward

With a total of 67 criteria to be met, including 22 mandatory and 45 optional ones, the specifications were very strict once again this year. Applauded for several actions, the resort has leveraged on: fighting against food waste by creating a live-cooking space; replacing the traditional Saturday evening buffet; and even setting up a water meter on the outdoor jacuzzi. Fully-committed to reducing its water and energy consumption, the hotel invests in waste recycling and wastewater treatment. And the PALM has also taken a step further by developing its CSR policy (Corporate Social Responsibility).

More than ever committed

And it is this philosophy, of valuing the human and common action, which enables PALM Hotel & Spa to pursue this eco-responsible way. By working hand in hand with social and environmental figures, and by using local products, the resort contributes to the well-being of local producers. Finally, the PALM is fully committed to fight against all forms of discrimination, and intends to promote employee and customer welfare. And because every gesture counts, guests of the hotel are invited to sort their waste in their rooms, for instance, as a contribution to this initiative…

A reward which sets the example

PALM Hotel & Spa is the first hotel in Reunion Island to be awarded the “European Ecolabel – Tourist Accommodation Services”. However, other hotels are also committed to developing sustainable tourism in Reunion Island, including Iloha Seaview Hotel, which has followed the footsteps of its big brother, along with 6 other hotels on the island.

For more information:

Address: 43 rue des Mascarins, Grande Anse, 97429 Petite-Ile, Reunion Island

Phone: +262 (0)262 56 30 30

Email: hotel@nullpalm.re

Website: palm.re