Anahita Mauritius: This is the place!

In an exclusive interview with us, Nicolas Colsaerts, a Belgian golf professional and Anahita Mauritius’ international ambassador, shared his impressions on Anahita’s superb golf course, in the run-up to the fourth edition of the AfrAsia Bank Mauritius Open…

Nicolas, for many years you have been a faithful partner of Anahita, which is celebrating 10-year anniversary this year! How do you relate to the resort?

The first time I came to Anahita, I immediately called my friends and said: “This is the place!” I was not only talking about the golf course. The resort is actually set in a wonderful landscape; the architecture and interior are both sublime. Moreover, the ethos behind the place – as intended by Anahita’s promoters – combined with the staff’s professionalism and friendliness, make it a unique haven with unmatched assets. Everytime I arrive at Anahita, I lapse into an ocean of peace and tranquility – a feeling that I welcome in the middle of my hectic lifestyle, travelling from one green to another, from one tournament to the next!

Anahita Golf - Hole 17 Luxury Mauritius
Anahita’s golf course was designed by Ernie Els. How would you describe it to our golf-loving readers?

The Indian Ocean needed a big golf course – big enough to match the attractiveness of this piece of paradise. This is something Ernie Els fully understood: he succeeded in creating an outstanding golf course by integrating three key elements. First, he designed a contemporary course, which combines all the features of modern golf architecture. Second, he masterfully leveraged the natural elements that contribute to Anahita’s unique beauty. I have a few noteworthy holes in mind, such as the 17th hole and its spectacular view over the lagoon. The course is a delight for both sport professionals and visitors who are just playing for fun. Depending on wind speed and the chosen teeing ground, this can prove to be a gratifying experience… or a very challenging one! Another thing has caught my eye during each visit: the impeccable maintenance of the site all year round. I find so much pleasure in playing here…

This year, Anahita Mauritius will be host to the much-awaited AfrAsia Bank Mauritius Open (ABMO), from November 29th to December 2nd. What does this tournament represent for you?

The AfrAsia Bank Mauritius Open is an official event on the European Tour’s calendar. Not many golf destinations have the privilege to host such a distinctive competition! The tournament has earned full recognition from the international golf community. It also holds a very special place in my heart since I consider Anahita as my “home club”. I am so excited and proud to show my fellow golf players the club, which I represent on the European Tour.

Anahita ABMO - Nicolas Colsaerts Luxury Mauritius
What are your personal goals for the next few months?

I have high expectations for this year! Of course, I hope to reach the top ranks in the Race to Dubai. My main objective is to win a new golf
competition this year. Why not the ABMO? As Anahita’s ambassador, that would be such a wonderful victory! I have come close to winning in the past, and I feel that 2018 might be a turning point in my career.

On a more personal note, can you tell us how life is going with your family of three? Have you brought your son to Mauritius before?

Everything works like a charm. It will be a first for Jackson to accompany his parents in Mauritius. He will be just 9 months then and will surely enjoy the cosy and appeasing atmosphere of Anahita with his mother, Rachel. We are looking forward to spending time with him in such an exceptional setting.