Beau Plan: A smart, creative city

Terra’s crafting Beau Plan into the smart city of tomorrow. The company’s ambition is to develop an ecosystem where live, work and play meld naturally together. Here’s a look at one of the most exciting projects on the island.

Beau Plan’s Smart City lies at the gateway to the North of the island. It’s concocted as a life space that’s modern and creative; its residential neighbourhoods perfectly mingle with commercial and office spaces, educational and leisure facilities. All of these offerings are nestled at the heart of an exceptional natural landscape, a true legacy that boasts centennial trees, orchards and traces of historic industrial buildings. It’s an atypical, gorgeous environment to grow and nourish oneself in.

Beau Plan Novaterra Luxury Indian Ocean 2

Like a village, Beau Plan redefines and elevates quality of life. The Smart City’s inhabitants as well as those living in neighbouring regions will benefit from the City’s practical, connected facilities and spaces. Some of these spaces are already up and running, in fact: the Business Park and the Workshop (a creative coworking space) welcome entrepreneurs and local businesses; the Creative Park gathers artists in need of a place to let their talent run wild; the Aventure du Sucre museum and its gourmet restaurant, Le Fangourin, welcome history buffs and epicureans; the stables at Mon Rocher are the place where equestrian lovers meet. You’ll also find that two educational establishments have opened their doors: Greencoast, a pre-primary and primary school, and the African Leadership College. Other developments are in the works, completing bit by bit the Smart City map: a Lifestyle Village, with a host of prime boutiques and restaurants; a residential offering, composed of serviced land, apartments, duplexes and villas, destined to young corporates, families and retirees alike. That’s not all, of course: you can expect a fitness centre, supermarket, commercial spaces, showrooms…

Beau Plan Novaterra Luxury Indian Ocean 1

Beau Plan’s a human-focused, quality-oriented city designed by Novaterra, Terra’s real-estate division. Nicolas Eynaud, NovaTerra’s director, explains:

“We wanted to create a city where people would love to live, to bestow upon generations to come the best possible heritage. And we have everything in our hands to make this happen: Beau Plan is perfectly located, at the gateway to one of the most sought-after destinations in the whole island. It benefits from an exceptional natural and cultural heritage, and we wish to explore the creativity that inhabits the space, to offer its future residents a rich, innovative, human-centric experience”.

Head to Beau Plan, and craft your own lifestyle – we’ll see you there.