C Mauritius blossoming in the TripAdvisor Traveler’s Choice Award

Unique stays, driven by authentic experiences… A promise made by the C Mauritius hotel establishment that led to its success during the last TripAdvisor Traveler’s Choice Awards.

Success on a global scale

Located in the charming coastal village of Palmar, C Mauritius proudly represented C Resorts—brand sister of Constance Hotels & Resorts—and ranked 4th place of the Top 10 All-Inclusive Resorts of Africa. This grading system gathered several hotels in the best tourist destinations including Tunisia, South Africa, Morocco, Kenya, Zanzibar, among others. Its aim? To reward quality service of All Inclusive hotels all around the continent.

Your getaway destination

Thanks to its unique concept, C Mauritius has stood out on the market, bringing real added value for its customers. Indeed, the hotel offers exceptional getaways, creating an exceptional hotel experience in a creative and dynamic atmosphere… With an idyllic setting as backdrop!


C Mauritius Luxury Indian Ocean 1

The ” C-ignatures ” are atypical experiences allowing the client to let go, have fun and escape… A concept that compels everyone back to their childhood memories and authentic adventures. Discover the “Cwing”, giant swings facing the sea; the Club House, with the nautical hut and fun beach activities; the “Concoctor”, a unique cocktail machine, with an original and retro design; or Cascade, a giant shower for you to dance on the beach! 

C Mauritius Luxury Indian Ocean Olivier de Guardia

 Olivier de Guardia, Managing Director of C Mauritius, concludes:

 “I am very proud of this award, recognising the tremendous work of the C Mauritius team, which I once again salute here. We have gone through difficult months, but the whole team has remained united and professional, not losing any of their dynamism and their usual motivation.”