Constance Stay Safe, for a much-expected and upcoming reopening

Constance Hotels, Resorts & Golf is getting ready to reopen its hotels in the Indian Ocean. In order to ensure the well-being of its guests, and to create the best conditions for their accommodation, the hotel group has created Constance Stay Safe, a comprehensive safety protocol.

Constance Hotels Stay Safe Luxury Indian Ocean
Stay Safe? Constance explains it all!

Constance Stay Safe is an ensemble of safety measures approved by the leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company SGS to cover all services offered to guests during their stay. Heeding the requirements of the World Health Organisation, but also collaborating with international experts in various fields and the local sanitary authorities, Constance Hotels, Resorts & Golf has reviewed all existing protocols in order to provide an even safer environment for its guests and staff members. 

As soon as the hotels reopen, Constance Stay Safe will apply measures such as social distancing, mandatory wearing of face masks for its employees and temperature checks upon entrance of the premises. This protocol, which will be applicable to all hotels of the region, will also cover the cleaning process of rooms, table setup inside the restaurants, as well as the safety standards surrounding leisure activities. Various innovative measures will also be introduced, such as allowing guests to order room service and laundry services via iPads provided in their rooms. Other information platforms such as a message service via the television screen will also be made available. At the end of each stay, the establishments will also favour online payment methods with the help of e-check-out. 

“This is an essential step towards the resumption of activities for Constance. It is a guideline for our teams to take the precautions that will create the necessary conditions for our clients to enjoy their stay with the same peace of mind they used to have. This work starts right now with the training of our staff and the setup of our hotels. These precautions, however, in no way affect our warm hospitality, nor do they change the authentic experiences we offer our guests. The hospitality and generosity which have always been the strong suit of our teams are two core values on which we still intend to rely”, says Constance Hotels, Resorts & Golf’s Chief Executive Officer, Jean-Jacques Vallet. 


The Constance Hotels group will soon welcome you back. In the meantime,  Stay Safe !


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