The Culinary Art of Chateau Mon Désir awarded internationally

After its “Afternoon High Tea” concept was recognised as the third best tea experience in the world by ‘Mirror Uk’, or after being awarded the prize of ‘Best Gourmet Food of Mauritius’ in the ‘World Luxury Awards Restaurants’ in 2016 and 2020, the Château Mon Désir shines once again with the ‘Best Fine Dining Cuisine of Mauritius’ awarded by the prestigious ‘International Dining Awards’ of 2020…

Overlooking the historic ruins of Balaclava, this 5-star restaurant at the Maritim Resort & Spa Mauritius offers an exquisite fine dining experience… This goes in line with the ‘International Dining Awards’ competition, aiming to highlight and reward the best performances of the restaurant and food industry in the world.

Luxury Indian Ocean Chateau Mon Desir Awards 1

An honourable victory for Château Mon Désir, known as a national monument, despite the tough competition against nominees from hotel restaurants, recognised restaurant chains, and talented chefs and people related to the food industry. 

“We are honored to have once again been recognised as the best gourmet cuisine on the island. We feel that the work accomplished by the entire Château Mon Désir team and for its Mauritian Chef Nallan Seeven is acknowledged and valued”, says Mr. Peter Edler, General Manager of the Maritim Resort & Spa Mauritius. 

Besides its scrumptious meals, Château Mon Désir is a place steeped in history. Dating from the 18th century, Château Mon Désir is located in a magnificent colonial-style mansion nestled in the heart of the 5-star Maritim Resort & Spa Mauritius and its leisure area of ​​the Ruins of Balaclava. 

In order to perfect itself, the restaurant is constantly innovating, offering its customers exquisite cuisine with international, French and Indian Ocean specialties as well as world-class wines from its wine cellar.