Ensuring a secure reopening with SAFE PLACE

The health crisis has undeniably imposed new sanitary rules in the tourism industry. Hotels are facing a great challenge today: how to make future travellers feel safe and secure. This is why, while planning the reopening of its eight resorts for the post-containment phase, the Beachcomber group focuses on reassuring future customers about their security.

For a safe resumption of activities, the hotel group has created SAFE PLACE: a label embodying health compliance, developed in close collaboration with International Bio-Analysis Laboratory (LIBA).

Luxury Indian Ocean Beachcomber Safe Place 1
Reducing risks for better protection

Health and hygiene security are ingrained in Beachcomber’s DNA. With the help of LIBA, the group aspires to create a comforting atmosphere once the hotels are operational again. In fact, this accredited ISO 17025 laboratory already undertakes regular and unannounced food safety and room hygiene audits in all of the group’s hotels.

Given the current circumstances, and as stated in the Company’s Safety & Health Policy, there will be increased inspections to provide better protection to customers. Rigorous monitoring measures shall be carried out in partnership with trusted agencies like SGS (Standard Global Services) and QuantilLab. 

A solid and reliable action plan

Thanks to this certification, the group shall strengthen health practices in all Beachcomber hotels to prevent the spread of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19).

For instance, while all hotel teams will have to undergo regular health checks, the presence of a nurse or doctor in the dispensary of the resorts is now essential. The new approach shall also include the implementation of a recurring training program on health prevention measures, as well as a cleaning and disinfection protocol relating to the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO).

When it comes to situations where social distancing becomes difficult to maintain, the Beachcomber group is rethinking its customer journey. Wearing a mask has now become compulsory. In addition to that, new modes of operation shall take over to reduce risks as much as possible. In restaurants, for example, tables will be reorganised to limit physical contact, and à la carte services will be favoured over self-service buffets. As for spas, clients will have to take a shower before each treatment. The number of authorised customers in fitness centres will be limited.

Gilbert Espitalier-Noël, CEO of Beachcomber Resorts & Hotels, underlines:

“Our priority is to ensure the well-being of our customers and our craftsmen; especially during this pandemic period. This health labelling program for our hotels, which has been developed with LIBA, will allow us to welcome our guests, as well as our teams, in the best conditions and guarantee their health security. ”

The safety for all is at the heart of the group’s concerns. The HACCP certification of Beachcomber hotels, the annual assessment of the risks of legionella and the continuous control of the quality of water and air demonstrate this…

This label adds to the group’s efforts to guarantee a safe environment to work and live.