Blues Dan Jazz: Guillaume Perret meets the Indian Ocean

Attention to all Jazz lovers! Blues Dan Jazz is coming back on the 22nd of September. For this 12th edition, a French jazzman will rock the place along with other musicians playing the sound of Cape Town’s and some local tunes. L’Institut Français de Maurice will welcome the French saxophonist Guillaume Perret, the young South African jazzman Benjamin Jephta and our local jazz stars, the trumpet player Philippe Thomas, the drum artist Christophe Bertin and Nada Cunden playing the tabla. Let’s meet our jazz genius! 

The sax like you have never heard it before!

A saxophonist, composer and musical arranger, the Paris dweller Guillaume Perret will take you to a magical world where the melodies of the saxophone become electric so as to create mesmerizing solos. Guillaume is a saxophonist like no others! He explains that he has set up a system which completely transformed his saxophone, allowing him to mimic any sound. The musician also produces his particular sound by inspiring himself from other musical instruments other than the saxophone and this makes him quite unique. Everything is played by only one person… and we would think that we are hearing a big band!

For the 22nd of September, Guillaume is planning something quite fresh with our local musicians, as well as a solo set, “like a long trip!”.

Benjamin Jephta, winner of the 2017 Standard Bank Young Artist Award for Jazz

Benjamin Jephta is a young promising musician and composer from Cape Town. He is known for being one of South Africa’s first jazz double bass and electric bass players. He aims at creating music to motivate, inspire people. Influenced by many cultures, his music is a mixture of jazz and improvised tunes. The 25-year-old musician will be accompanied by our local stars and by Guillaume Perret during the second part of the show.

A melody brought by Philippe Thomas

Philippe Thomas, our famous local jazzman, will be present on the 22nd of September to bring some Mauritian charm to the show. Philippe is known for his fusion of jazz and blues with sega, reggae and seggae. With his experience earned thanks to jazz masters like Ernest Wiehe and Linley Marthe, he now lights up our local stages with his minutely-thought tunes and his perfect scales. For him, jazz remains an open and generous music which harmoniously fits the sega to give our unique sega-jazz.

Enjoy Christophe Bertin’s rhythm

Christophe, 36 years old, made his first steps in the musical world at the age of 17 as a hotel musician. He was lucky to meet Ernest Wiehe and even played on his album, ‘Didn’t Say’ with the Ten Piece big band. For him, the difference between international jazz and Mauritian jazz, is that, “here our musicians do not really have any specific school for jazz; So they learn with their ears”. For him, this is perhaps the reason why our local stars play with their hearts and are so special.

Photo: Olivier Frappier

Jazz lovers with successful careers that promise to give you a new musical horizon on blues and jazz… A concert full of energy is awaiting you! Tickets are on sale as from Rs 50 at l’Institut Français de Maurice.

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