Porlwi My Love

Allow yourself to be carried away by a city bursting with beautiful stories by walking down the streets of the capital with Astrid and Guillaume. The legendary city is a whirlwind of different vibes. Wim Wenders could have filmed his movie Buena Vista Social Club on these old cobblestones; facing this blue wall, a tourist might have believed to be in a suburb of Mumbai… Port Louis will take you on endless journeys; it breathes life and its streets… a melting pot of cultures.

We are fascinated by Port Louis!” Astrid Dalais and Guillaume Jauffret, the foundational pillars of Porlwi by Light, have fallen in love with this bustling city which they know by heart. Their festival, inspired from the Festival of Lights in Lyon or even Nuit Blanche in Paris, has given a new breath of life to the derelict capital. 450,000 persons have seen this historic city which has remained in the shadows for far too long, in a whole new light.

Today, Port Louis can commence its rebirth… “There are, according to us, two main challenges lying ahead: the preservation of the heritage which represents the soul of this city but which fades away over the years, and the ecological aspect where much work remains to be done to make Port Louis a greener and more breathable city.

The architects of Porlwi by Light give us a little insight about the Port Louis of their dreams: “the city’s heritage completely redesigned to become a hybrid zone where culture and education walk hand-in-hand. A city opening onto the sea, more pedestrian zones and green spaces to create living areas where people can meet and interact.” An amazing dream which has never been closer to becoming a reality!

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