2018 Bernard Loiseau Festival at Constance Belle Mare Plage – In the name of taste

The 13th edition of the Festival Bernard Loiseau was launched on Sunday 18th of March. The event, which has now become a leading one in the field of hospitality and which unites Michelin-starred Chefs and Chefs of the Constance group, has taken place at the Constance Belle-Mare Plage. Competition has prevailed on all fronts. Luxury Mauritius here proposes a sneak peek of the participants’ agenda.

Shopping Sunday

The go-ahead has been given and duos – bringing together 1 Michelin-starred Chefs and those of the Constance hotels – have been formed. These pairs then headed to the Port-Louis market to discover the typically Mauritian ingredients that they would have to showcase.

Les membres du Jury du Festival Bernard Loiseau 2018 luxury mauritius Members of the Jury of 2018 Bernard Loiseau Festival

Wine-tasting Monday

After a cooking tutorial by famous food blogger and TV-show host Mercotte, a competition has opposed sommeliers Dany Goder, Deeraj Goodur et Manish Boodhoo, all employed by the famous hotel group.

Concours de sommellerie luxury mauritius 2 Sommeliers’ competition with one of the jury members, Liora Levi, awarded Best Sommelier in Norway in 2013

Festive Tuesday

The culinary competition was opened with great pomp, in a cocktail gathering participants, the CEO of Constance Hotels & Resorts Jean-Jacques Vallet, and Mercotte, among others, merrily kicking off the festivities.

La présentation des plats confectionnés par les participants du concours culinaire luxury mauritius Presentation of the prepared dishes by participants at the culinary competition

Photo de l’ensemble des plats présentés lors du concours culinaire luxury mauritius All the dishes presented at the culinary contest

Competitive Wednesday

A double-competition day which saw creativity at work through the competitions of «Art de la table» and «Constance Cocktails».

Les participants faisant montre de leurs talents auprès du jury du concours ‘ Constance Cocktails’. luxury mauritius Participant showcasing his talent in front of the jury for the Constance Cocktails competition

Gastronomy Thursday

Chefs came in contact with stars in the master challenge of the competition. For a week, tandems had the opportunity to get acquainted with each other and elaborate jointly a recipe. And it was time for the final assessment.

Dominique Loiseau, présidente du jury luxury mauritius Dominique Loiseau, President of Bernard Loiseau SA – Relais Bernard Loiseau, France and member of the jury of the culinary competition

Pastry Friday

The pastry competition took place under the supervision of eminent international professionals, in collaboration with Pierre Hermé and Valrhona. Earlier, the Constance Hotels & Resort cuisine’s staff attended a culinary class, hosted by 2 Michelin-starred French Chef Patrick Bertron who is also Bernard Loiseau’s successor in the restaurant on the Côte d’Or in France.

Les équipes s’activent en cuisine pour le concours Constance Pâtisserie luxury mauritius The pastry competition teams at work

Awards Saturday

The winner of the culinary competition was the team composed of Michael Reis (from Johanns restaurant in Waldkirchen, Germany), Arshil Soopun (Constance Ephelia, Seychelles), and kitchen clerk Dimitry Sophie.

The prize for Best Sommelier has been awarded to Manish Boodhoo from Constance Belle Mare Plage ; that of Arts de la table to Gloria Marie from Constance Prince Maurice ; that of the Constance Cocktails Competition toRahul Manveer from Constance Belle Mare Plage, and that of Constance Pâtisserie Competition “Trophée Pierre Hermé & Valrhona” to Iven Chitray from Constance Prince Maurice.

concours culinaire gagnants luxury mauritius The Culinary Competition winners: Michael Reils, Chef at Johanns restaurant in Germany, Arshil Soopun, Chef at Constance Ephelia, Seychelles, and Dimitry Sophie, kitchen clerk at Constance

A week rich in encounters, flavours, and full of finesse which has showed the beauty of this festival, helping our culinary culture to shine on the international Stage.