The Art, The Way and The Taste… on Chef Lionel Levy’s menu for a private tasting

It is a well-known story in the exclusive world of gastronomy: chefs, especially those who have touched the sky with a Michelin star, are welcome with reverence in the world’s most reputed restaurant kitchens. Lionel Levy did not have to produce his pedigree in this prestigious selective group as he is now one of the kind. He is also no other than the leading figure of the new Mediterranean cuisine. The Michelin-star holder (since 2005) has granted us the honour of a showcase of his creativity at the Tides restaurant of Long Beach in Belle Mare. The menu bore all the right ingredients: the Art, the Way and good taste. Luxury Mauritius has brought the timeless memories of an exquisite moment with a convivial Chef….

The art and the way in new cuisine

The Long Beach, one of the Sun Resorts hotels, has launched the Chapter II of its new identity with four major areas of interest : wellbeing, fine art, music and culinary. In line with the last incentive, fine dining experiences are put in the limelight thanks to four chefs who will showcase exclusive menus for a few months.

The Michelin-star holder Lionel Levy was the first one to start the experience. Having settled down in Marseille in 1999, the Mediterranean zone has become a daily source of inspiration to him who has chosen Marseille as his adopted home. Lionel Levy has learned his trade from leading international figures such as Éric Fréchon and Alain Ducasse, and he is now dedicated to Mediterranean culinary inspirations which he adapts to new cuisine. His dishes are a sequence of modern techniques and creativity with a pinch of tradition.

Dégustation Long Beach Luxury Mauritius 4
The alchemy of tastes 

Lionel Levy has proposed a refined amuse-bouche: a ‘Bouille-Abaisse’ Milkshake. To revamp the bouillabaisse, a signature Marseille dish, he has used: a rouille sauce at the bottom if the glass; a grilled loup (which he has not poached as it is traditionally done giving it a smoked taste); and an emulsified fish soup to obtain the light and unctuous texture of a milkshake. Lionel Levy has, here, chosen the loup, a local fish, and has confided that it has not been difficult for him to mix local Mauritian and Southern French products as they have spice, perfume and taste in common.  

The Chef’s secret: Dip the spoon up to the bottom of the glass to savour the three levels in one go. And he checks that we are doing it properly!

Dégustation Long Beach Luxury Mauritius 1

The Bouille-Abaisse Milkshake being

For the starter, he has concocted a tuna crumble, topped by ginger and garlic confit, tomatoes harissa and crispy of palmist lamellas of palm kernel. A pinch of piment d’espelette reminds us that the Northern hemisphere sun has reached the tropical tastes of Mauritius.

Tip:  To savour with a Pinot Grigio, 2014.

Dégustation Long Beach Luxury Mauritius 2

Sprinkling spices on the red tuna crumble

As for the dessert, it deconstructs the traditional strawberry tart: sugar-marinated strawberry, lime cream with basil, crumble and mint.

Dégustation Long Beach Luxury Mauritius 3

Myriad flavours and tastes 

A Mauritian touch in the chef’s luggage

Having fallen in love with Mauritius when he participated, ten years ago, in a culinary festival by Bernard Loiseau, Lionel Levy has chosen to promote the local savours and products.  Having shared his secrets with Mauritian chefs, he will now take in his luggage a surprise ingredient to create a new ice cream recipe at the Intercontinental Hotel in Marseille: the cari poulet.

Dégustation Long Beach Luxury Mauritius 6b Chef Michel Levy is thrilled to bring cari poulet in his suitcases 

Luxury Mauritius’ curiosity is whetted by this new creation inspired by the Mauritian sun and which will enliven, we hope so, the colder months in the South of France.