Set off for a one-week culinary journey directed by LUX* RESORTS & HOTELS chef

A world of flavours” is THE gastronomic event of the month held at Lux* Belle Mare from 23rd to 28th of June 2017. For the first time, 7 chefs from LUX* RESORTS & HOTELS will successively share with you their world-inspired cuisine.   


Each day will be dedicated to a particular chef who will bring his touch of gastronomic expertise. The menu? Dinners prepared with local products from each cultural speciality. The event shall include demos, tasting and creative workshops.

Friday 23rd of June

Starting with India with the Chef of Amari Restaurant, Vineet Bhatia, who will reinvent Indian cuisine thanks to his unique ideas and techniques. One of his main achievements? His personal innovative composition: hazelnut-crusted red snapper with red cabbage mash, cucumber ketchup and lentil dust.

Saturday 24th of June

The Chinese Chef Tang Xibing continues this gastronomic exploration in China with his authentic and inimitable Cantonese and Sichuanese cuisine such as his irresistible Hainanese chicken.

Sunday 25th of June

The journey goes on with the prestigious Rolls Royce Food Truck ordered by Eastern Chef, Suksan Supprasert from Lux* Le Morne Thai Restaurant. He will prepare his famous barbecue, satay and noodle dishes and hosting live demonstrations of how to make Thai appetizers.

Monday 26th of June

A stopover at Beach Rouge where Moroccan cuisine will be in the spotlight with Lux* Grand Gaube’s Chef, Dominik Ambros. You will relish his tantalising menu of unctuous tagines, sweet pastries and salads, served in a cosy and musical ambience.

Tuesday 27th of June

Back to tropical roots at the Mixe restaurant with chefs Jean-Noël Julie and Vik Mungroo proposing tropical feel-good curry dishes. You will enjoy the delicious taste of local products such as coconut and jackfruit.

Wednesday 28th of June

Heading to France to Beach Rouge Restaurant to close this wonderful culinary journey. Nicolas Baubé, the Executive Chef of Luc* Belle Mare, will make you discover exquisite Mediterranean such as oysters with yuzu, Iberia pork pluma, black rock-lobster ravioli and red tuna belly.

“For chefs like us, this event is more than a culinary encounter, it is more about sharing experience and know-how to create something wonderful. Thanks to our diverse backgrounds, we are honoured to contribute in making our guests live this very moment”, states Nicolas Baubé, Executive Chef of Lux* Belle Mare.

This event will surely be an exquisite experience for your taste buds. This ambitious event proves that gastronomy stands as an added value for Lux* Belle Mare. In 2016, the hotel was prized Best «Indian Atlantic’s Leading Culinary Hotel» at the 2016 World Travel Awards, as well as the First Prize of “International Hotel of the year” awarded by British magazine “Food and Travel”.


Le CaféLux*

For reservation, phone on 402 20 00: Dinners are proposed at the price of Rs. 1,995.00 per person, including a welcome cocktail.

For more information, contact Samy from Blast Burson Marsteller, organiser of the event on 52 58 68 89 or 213 18 88.

Vue panoramique dans l’hôtel Lux* Belle Mare