[Video] Live-cooking at One&Only Le Saint Géran: dine with your feet in the water

Spend a wonderfully relaxing day under the warm East coast sun, basking right in the middle of gorgeous Mauritian weather, crystal clear water and delightful culinary journeys. One&Only Le Saint Géran, the paragon of these unique experiences, presents you La Pointe, its beach restaurant, to prolong your tropical extasy. Lobsters are grilled to the sound of clapping waves of the Indian Ocean by a star chef, at the tip of a private peninsula.

Watch the video:

The exquisite scene occurs in a place which can only be equalled by the chef’s expertise, bordered by a majestic sandy beach… And the stage hosting this one-of-a-kind dining experience is one of One&Only Le Saint Géran’s restaurants La Pointe, in Palm Grove, located at the tip of the peninsula. This resort, more than simply championing a vision of pure luxury in this region of the Indian Ocean, nonetheless maintains and proudly so its uniquely Mauritian identity… La Pointe is an integral part of this identity, bringing you long swims and unmatched tasting experiences with grilled seafood, and the catch of the day. 

Its open kitchen artfully showcases the simple joys of a grilled meal, put together by an expert in wood-fire cooking. The maestro’s skilful hand carefully selects the best lobsters, and gives them the best creole seasoning… And what better garnish for this dish than some heavenly-tasting vegetables? 

La Pointe is open every day from 9 a.m till sunset, welcoming those who want to experience the spicy flavours emblematic of Mauritian cuisine, while sitting comfortably under the shade of the patio, facing the lagoon… or simply on the beach.