Ending the year in style at La Pirogue!

There is something new at La Pirogue! The mystical hotel of Flic en Flac, built in 1976, recently reopened its doors after the renovation of its rooms and other areas. The official resumption ceremony was held on 6th December with the Prime Minister, Pravind Jugnauth, and Anil Gayan, Ministry of Tourism. Following this renovation, Sun Resort would also like to announce that La Pirogue has, once again, won 3 TUI 2018 prizes. Follow Luxury Mauritius to know more about this 40th anniversary of the hotel that starts off with only good news.

Le restaurant Wolmar

More Boho-Chic than Ever at La Pirogue

With its new mantra – “More Boho-Chic than ever” -, La Pirogue has reopened its doors by amplifying the traditional Mauritian features. Le Wolmar, the resort’s main restaurant caters for every taste buds ranging from Mauritian to Asian food. The Coconut Café will offer the best of Mauritian street foods with a refined twist. For the bars, amazing island vibes at Le Morne Beach Bar, a sand-in your toes bar, ideal for beach addicts. For wine lovers, they will be blissed while sipping some of the best wines at the Van Der Stel bar.

Le bar de Van Der Stel

The hotel’s room also went through a revamping. The interior decor is made of vintage rattan and macramé furnishings, local woods and colourful curtains for an authentic Mauritian touch in a boho-chic charm. The overall brings a tropical and warmth mood that all island lovers will adhere to.  

L’une des chambres de La Pirogue

La Pirogue: your best holiday destination

Good news never come alone. La Pirogue has won the TUI Holly 2018 award, the TUI Top Quality 2018 as well as the TUI Umwelt 2018. These prizes are prestigious as TUI (Touristik Union International), a major German travel company, reflects an outstanding level of evaluation to offer the best hotels around the world to clients and travelling agencies. The TUI Holly is the highest prize given to the hotel having the best features for a perfect holiday. La Pirogue has won the TUI Holly for the first time in 2006 and the TUI Top Quality last year.