No one will ever know which sea gods whispered in human ears the idea of creating the Beachcomber group in 1952. Whatever be your outlook on this inspiration, the Mauritian myth was born that year and has ever since kept growing.

It even extends beyond the borders of the Indian Ocean, as its latest incarnation has taken shape in Morocco. The Royal Palm Marrakech sprawls majestically over the south of the city, covering more than two hundred hectares and offering its guests an everlasting and grandiose view of the Atlas Mountains. It opens a new chapter in the ‘one thousand and one nights’ tales of the Beachcomber group, with luxury, sumptuous villas, pools and golf as main protagonists…Royal Palm, Paradis… In Mauritius, the names alone already summon recollections of divine holidays, while every other hotel within the group is a small Olympus of voluptuousness where clients are treated like gods… This magic is only possible thanks to the grace of men and women who, every single day for over 60 years, weave, with a perfect but humble know-how, the golden thread of the legendary Beachcomber.


This unique story that is intimately tied to that of the country explains its excellence and undisputed leadership position in the Mauritian luxury hospitality sector. Every day, five thousand people at all levels of responsibility and bound by a common spirit, put their skills and personal qualities at the service of their valued clientele.


Those who’ve experienced it concur in their testimonies: transcending all economic imperatives, the particular energy that drives and sustains the company is mostly emotional. The luxury hotel business is unique and loving attention to the wishes of guests forges unrivalled bonds. These ways have been specific to Beachcomber, always calling attention to the social advancement of its members so that they give the best of themselves. The whole staff is wonderfully committed to the company, anticipating and answering its every need, be it in terms of delicacy or psychology. In return, Jacques, Somduth, Kelly, Jean-Louis or Sylvaine are blessed with the divine affection of their Olympian hosts… So much to that roles are reversed in this realm of gods and men where godlike expertise responds to needs that are finally very human!



Somduth Takoor

All by himself, Somduth could embody the Beachcomber principle. Joining Royal Palm as a beach attendant in 1990, he has held a perfect record for 25 years. He was soon appointed manager of the Beach Bar, thanks to his friendliness and effectiveness in situations. His meteoric rise is accentuated by internships in Biarritz, Saint Tropez and even at the Hotel de Crillon in Paris! And since 2011, he has been manager of the important Food and Beverage department at Royal Palm…









Hirikesh Guness

Hirikesh joined the concierge department of Royal Palm in 1992. Mentored and sponsored by Mr. Arroyo, Head Concierge at the Royal in Deauville, who introduced the “Golden Keys” lodge in Mauritius. It comes as no surprise – that he became, in the same year! – the “Golden Key” of Mauritius. In 1999, Hirikesh was appointed as Head Concierge at Royal Palm. With a select and demanding clientele, he is constantly developing his knowledge base and experience… that is, when he is not attending an international Congress of the Golden Keys!









Ram Bappoo

As a child, Ram loved planting coriander in the family garden. Back then, he could not have possibly imagined that one day he would become the supervisor of the gardens of Paradis! Philip Bouchereau, the superintendent, happily trained this man who displayed eagerness to learn the secrets of botany by himself… Every year he creates new gardens. His latest passion is the golden duranta, which can be carved artistically. His greatest joy is hearing comments made by customers about his work!


beachcomber4Hans Jeewajee

At the age of 11, Hans received a golf club and some balls from a friend that were quickly worn and replaced with bottle caps… He trained alone in the cane fields, unaware that he would soon achieve his childhood dream. Hired as a ball boy at Paradis Hotel, he was soon entrusted with the maintenance of equipment. Sébastien Olivier, a PGA pro, decided to turn him into an emeritus instructor. And Hans is a man who has steadily flourished and regularly sharpens his game with Dominique Larretche, the other local pro!











Kelly Coosnapa

À 21 ans, Kelly est la plus jeune de nos figures exemplaires. Ses désirs d’excellence n’en sont pas moins intenses puisqu’elle fit une école hôtelière avant d’intégrer le groupe Beachcomber ! Réceptionniste au Paradis Hôtel et Golf Club, elle s’émerveille chaque jour de son nouveau monde. Elle y parfait tous ses talents pour le contact humain. Elle aime aussi rendre hommage à la solidarité de ses collègues, autre qualité remarquable du groupe.










Ravindranath Moty

One day, Moty mentioned to Somduth, his desire to further develop his skills at Royal Palm. Having joined the hotel as a valet in the accommodation department, he was transferred to the sports centre in 2005. In 2008, he was appointed maintenance manager of the wellness and spa centre. Then, in 2010, he took charge of the organisation of the beach services, an area highly frequented by customers throughout the day. Discipline and finesse are two of his marvellous qualities!







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