Travelogue: 3 Reasons to go to LUX* Saint Gilles

The LUX* group is world widely known for its Reasons to go to its hotels. 14 in number in 2018, these Reasons punctuate the holiday-goers’ and business tourists’ stay with innovative and original moments. If they are the same in all the countries where LUX* group dwells, there are particular features according to local uniqueness. During our stay in Reunion island, Luxury Mauritius has enjoyed 3 Reasons that are definite incentives towards a trip there.

Luxury St Gilles Luxury Mauritius LSG_Candle_diner_on_the_Beach

Reason #1. The wild beauty of an Intense island

As from the moment the plane starts its landing on Roland Garros airport, we fly along successive breathtaking landscapes between sea and land (reminding us of the landing on Barcelona International Airport). The unobstructed views on the West coast then the North West of Reunion island are spectacular : sloppy sceneries crimped with houses, undulating landscapes, high-perched mountains, a rugged coastline neighbouring beaches and… the ever-present greenery. 

Ile de la Reunion LUX luxury mauritius

Reunion is a volcanic island with a younger geological history than its sister Mauritius. Its landforms and mountains are an invitation to adventure between volcano, waterfalls, pitons, cirques and natural ramparts (part of the UNESCO’s World Cultural Heritage). It is really not surprising that it welcomes, among others, a round of the Paragliding World Cup, as it used to host the Surf World Cup a few years back.  

Clich here to watch the video Ile Intense 

Reason # 2. A 5-star hotel which calls upon a Creole art de vivre 

Formerly Les Villas du Lagon from the Mauritian group Naïade, LUX* St Gilles has marvellously recreated a genuine Creole decor as well as a chic island atmosphere and a trend that fits a 5-star beachfront hotel. To acheive this, a focal point has been that each one of the the 166 rooms and 8 suites, which are all nested in villas, has a glance on the lagoon and ensures a zen feeling. The Mama Beauties LUX* products perpetuate tropical scents which combine with those coming from the 5-hectare estate covered with gardens of flowers, coconut and filao trees. 

LUX St Gilles Luxury Mauritius LSG_Architecture_6

We like: The small garden where plants and spices of Reunion island grow under the warm sun of the West coast. 

LUX St Gilles Luxury Mauritius LSG_Herb Garden

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Reason#3. The culinary diversity of Reunion, a little piece of France

Being the sole hotel with 3 restaurants, LUX* St Gilles has focused on services and customisation, with the Veggie Corner for instance. La Plage, one of the restaurants, serves local delicacies at noon. 

LUX St gilles Luxury Mauritius LSG_La Cuisine

With its open kitchen, the preparation and cooking of the different carrys is done live with “Henri the King of carrys”, as he is nicknamed by the General manager, Stéphane Baras. Following the traditional LUX* Reasons, we here have an true example of the Master Chef  whereby the guest has the honour of cooking with the Chef.

LUX St Gilles Luxury Mauritius Henri

On the menu of our cooking workshop at the Carry’s Bar, inspired by the famous Harry’s Bar : a carry of bourgeois with combava as well as the tips from the King himself, Henri Romily: only the combava zest is used to avoid bitterness; not using olive oil in a Reunion traditional carry; not frying the fish beforehand to keep the fish tenderness, and the delicious tasting of arouille chips. The same restaurant aims at wearing, as from the end of the day, the Beach Rouge concept. 

At l’Orangine, France is recalled to the tropical holidaymakers with a gastronomy menu : Sucette de foie grasL’œuf mollet truffé, mouillette et velouté de champignons des sous-boisLe dos de Légine, doré au sautoirLa truffe au chocolat Grand cru Menakao, fève de Tonka de Guyane et Tangor glacé.

LUX St Gilles Luxury Mauritius 4 L’œuf mollet truffé, mouillette et velouté de champignons des sous-bois

The traditional Reasons worldwide

As you have seen, the homemade LUX* experiences are reinvented on this volcanic land which is so far, but yet so close to France. The 14 Reasons to go to LUX* are there customised with tropical flavours: the Scrucap and its South-African wines manufactured by LUX* are thus tasted with the sweet melody of a Creole song; the Wanderlust Library proposes information on ” Rhums arrangés ” – artisanally-made rum – made during the workshop animated by the cultural facilitator at LUX* St Gilles, Lucie Bresson, and the Tree of Wishes (where clients write their names, dates of stay and wishes) has here found a honourable place in a Creole garden.

LUX St Gilles Luxury Mauritius 5 The Wish Tree at LUX* St Gilles