True by Nature from Constance Hotels, Resorts and Golf: a new momentum for the luxury hotel brand

Yesterday night, 30th of May 2017, CEO of Constance Hotels, Resorts and Golf Group, Jean-Jacques Vallet, has unveiled to the Mauritian press, its new brand platform, on the occasion of a convivial cocktail held at the restaurant Dear Hunter, Constance Belle Mare Plage. Enhanced identity, consolidated positioning and new brand architecture are the outcome of 1 year’s collaboration with BEING agency from TBWA group. The luxury hotel group is well on its way with a new momentum and a well-established action plan for upcoming development.

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“True by Nature”, the hotel group’s new brand signature was presented by the CEO of Constance Hotels, Resorts and Golf. A brand positioning which lays emphasis on authenticity: authenticity of people, locations, experience and service. It also represents the promise of a true encounter with nature and a return the essentials within a luxury environment. A kind of guideline which is naturally applicable with everything related to the brand.

Below is the video which depicts the vision of Constance Hotels Resorts and Golf group.



Underlying a clear and established vision, this brand positioning lays the foundations and the DNA of Constance which is planning in growth. Constance Hotels Resort and Golf today includes 7 luxury hotels and resorts, 3 golf courses and 4 dream destinations in the Indian Ocean: Mauritius, Seychelles, Maldives and Madagascar.

“With time, our aim is to have a portfolio of around 20 hotels. However, this strategy will be based on our values and the DNA of our group: engagement from our teams which delivers high-quality services while remaining authentic, welcoming and sincere […] Our company will remain people-oriented.” Jean-Jacques Vallet.

C Hotels by Constance : The launch of a New Brand

c hotels by contance hotels resorts golfThis rebranding process has allowed enabled the teams of Constance Hotels Resorts and Golf to restructure the brand’s architecture and to better anticipate the future. In fact, we were informed of the creation of a new brand of hotels in the upper-upscale segment: C Hotels by Constance. The first hotels of this brand category will be launched in 2018.

The creation of this new brand clearly expresses the group’s desire to regionally expand its market and hotel management opportunities. The C Hotels by Constance hotels will identified by their identity and their new promise for discovery-focused holidays in a chic bohemian setting.


 A willingness to affirm their know-how with Constance Golf

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Another new feature, the creation of a brand name totally dedicated to golf: Constance Golf. The latter regroups the 3 golf course of the Group namely Constance Golf Legend, Constance Golf Links, and Constance Golf Lemuria. A full-fledged entity which demonstrates the willingness of the Group to assert its know-how in terms of design and management of golf course, with the aim of developing this service in the near future. Boasting consolidated bases, Constance Hotels Resorts and Golf has few more surprises in store for the upcoming years.  To be continued!