“The Mauritian landscape is our canvas, and the treesour paintbrush!” This could be the creative axiom of Wilmotte and Macbeth, perfectly in line with the aspirations of Anahita’s management, which is to erect exceptional villas on its last parcels of land!





There are so many superlatives that could be attributed to Anahita resort that one would like to find an all-encompassing word that would bring them all together. However, this last superlative will forever close all debates while the resort is preparing itself, in the apotheosis of all its projects, to permanently mark everyone’s minds…

To improve its work initiated in 2008, Anahita has commissioned Alistair Macbeth and Jean-Michel Wilmotte, two architects who are also true artists. Macbeth is an inventive pioneer of contemporary architecture on the island. His signature style has marked the beginning of a new Mauritian era and that of the Anahita resort. There is no need to introduce Wilmotte! He has designed numerous masterpieces across the globe. Being the artist that he is, he likes to be where no one expects him. This is perhaps the reason that he is so happy to work on Anahita’s inspiring project.

By offering them land in the north of the resort, like a blank canvas, the ultimate and exceptional management of Alteo Properties Ltd, who is the promoters of Anahita, has given Wilmotte and Macbeth free rein to express their creativity. From each parcel of land, a unique piece of art, in the form of a villa will see the light of the day! If we could adapt the great Maïakovski’s famous quote to the Mauritian landscape, the artistic injunction of Wilmotte and Macbeth would be: “The Mauritian landscape is our canvas, and the trees our paintbrush!”


Thus, magnificent villas, comparable to works of art will take shape on these exceptional parcels of land. Some of these parcels of land inspire the construction of belvederes! Their exposure, topographical and vegetal configurations are in perfect harmony with the modern visions of Wilmotte and Macbeth… and awakens our artistic senses: painting, haute couture and design!

Inspired by the lush vegetation, Wilmotte will be assisted by a landscaper who will harmoniously combine Wimotte’s structured approach with the Mauritian landscape. The land and project is impressive and the palette of colours immense. Jean-Michel Wilmotte’s 900m2 seafront villas are, protected by impressive mangroves and will offer a fabulous view of the lagoon.These villas will be equipped with hi-tech home automation systems. They will be furnished with some of the finest materials and renowned brands such as Boffi! The promoter has entrusted Alistair Macbeth with the construction of 4 to 5 bedroom villas of more than 500 to 700m2, with huge swimming pools. Situated near the golf course, with an impregnable view on the mountains and the vast wilderness…

Anahita is an ever growing inspiration! Drafts, sketches, analyses are accruing. Wilmotte has been looking at old colonial houses and has detected in them elements that are incredibly modern. Macbeth is reinventing his affinities and his standpoints. On the plans, lines are being drawn, materialising the future luxury villas and therefore, putting into perspective the apotheosis of Anahita!



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