One&Only Le Saint Géran: It’s oh-so-private!

Villa One at One&Only Le Saint Géran is a Kinfolk-worthy home, incredibly spacious and imbued with the current aesthetic mood: you won’t find any passé shabby-chic here, or the bohemian flamboyance of the 2010s. A private driveway and welcome made me forget that I was entering a resort.

One&Only Le St Geran Luxury Indian Ocean 1

I entered the villa and it was the first of its kind to satiate my senses. Luminous, minimalist luxury in organic, crisp tones. Fresh bouquets of white flowers, set in thin, clear vases. Plush, bespoke furniture in the hues of the ocean; white foam, blue depths, sandy seafloors. Beach-chic finishes. Warm touches crafted by Mauritian hands: art, ceramics, embroidered panels.

One&Only Le St Geran Luxury Indian Ocean 2

There are so many places to lounge, rest, recover. Bathrooms gilded with marble, spacious showers, a serene sculpted tub that I’d gladly spend all late afternoon in, when the sun goes down and the lights switch on, calling me back from the sea. I’d emerge from the lagoon and cross the beach into the intoxicatingly lush garden, take in the twilight, dive into the infinity pool one last time, perhaps, then soak in the tub before entertaining friends and family for dinner. There’s a formidable al fresco space surrounding the pool; the chef, butler and villa team would take care of the specifics, I know they’d concoct something delicious and fresh, there’s a fully-equipped kitchen, a grill, everything. Once the evening’s done I’d collapse into bed, ready for a restorative night’s rest, lulled to sleep by the sound of the ocean.

One&Only Le St Geran Luxury Indian Ocean 3

The ocean would be the first thing I’d see waking up the next day, an unfurling panorama of blue on blue on blue. I’d take my eyes off the view only to admire my room, a master bedroom the size of a New York apartment, decked with silk, art, flora. I’d tiptoe through the villa, cross the lounge to the second bedroom to wake up my friends, contentedly cocooned in two queen-sized beds. In swimsuits and dressing gowns we’d have breakfast, ready for another perfect day ahead.