Premium Visa: work remotely under the sun

A promise of well-being on a paradise island every day… Mauritius is introducing its Premium Visa! Valid for a period of one renewable year, this long-stay visa is an invitation to a gentler way of life. Reading and answering your emails with your feet in the sand, in a safe and Covid-free destination, do you need more to start packing?

What you need to know

If the crystalline lagoons and white sandy beaches make you long for more, it is now possible to quench to escape under the sun by flying to Mauritius, far from the cold, the greyness and the never-ending health crisis! Thanks to this new formula introduced by the Mauritian government to alleviate the economic damage linked to the tourist sector worldwide, you will be able to work from a distance in complete serenity.

Luxury Indian Ocean Visa Premium 2

Before you start packing and embark on this wonderful Mauritian adventure, make sure you comply with at least one of these profiles:

  • You already planned to spend your retirement in Mauritius;
  • You already decided to settle in Mauritius before the pandemic;
  • You are an investor or a professional wishing to work in Mauritius with your family;
  • You are able to work remotely for the duration of the visa;
  • Your children are studying in Mauritius.

Please note that you must also meet the following criteria:

  • As this is a long-term project, you will need to show that you are prepared for it;
  • You must have a source of income outside Mauritius and a main residence abroad;
  • You must not be looking for work on the local market;
  • You will need to purchase travel and health insurance for the duration of your stay.

The sky, the sun and the sea… After 14 days of quarantine spent in a hotel, you will be free to enjoy life at its fullest in Mauritius for a year… or more!