Barnes: a booming agency

Barnes Mauritius is the tale of a real estate agency’s dazzling evolution in the business. Is this due to the prestige associated with the brand or instead to the diligence and efficacy upheld by its team? Or most probably the alchemy of these two ingredients!

When we had met her last year, the Director, Outi de Falbaire, was the company’s iconic figure, and today she is surrounded by a top team. Together with Emmanuel de la Haye, her business partner, Wendy, Zameer, Charlotte, Jérôme, Patricia, Marion, Sacha, Corinne and so many others, they are the living evidence of Barnes’ impressive expansion via three agencies over the island in one year.Success did not come about by chance. Barnes is an exceptional brand, and same goes for its team, which offers an outstanding service to its clients. us, right as from airport collection in a luxury van, the team provides an unlimited range of services to its foreign guests, whether they want to purchase or rent a prestige property.

This constitutes the exclusive hallmark of Barnes. Thanks to a singular sense of versatility, Barnes accompanies the client through all the manifestations of his desire: discovery of the country and of its attractive features,property search,drafting of powers of attorney to sign,administrative and banking procedures, property management in the owner’s absence, rental management… focusing on the follow-up of clients who are out of the country, through the Barnes International network. Most of those availing the cosseted services of Barnes are French and South-African nationals, but this year, the Sales Department has gathered momentum and the agency is experiencing an expansion of its client base from Middle Eastern countries and from no else than Mauritius. None can resist the charms of privileged coastal sites and the unique comfort of tropical paradises.

The luxury property market in Mauritius is still in its infancy and Barnes is just at the beginning of its history. We can bet that next year, Outi de Falbaire will relate to us with the same enthusiasm the new chapters of the company’s history!