Broll Indian Ocean: A regional vision of the real estate expertise

broll indian ocean luxury mauritius copyHe is a must in property valuation agency and development management although he doesn’t advertise the fact! But if you are looking to buy a piece of property, whether it is residential or office accommodation, in Mauritius or elsewhere in the Africa Indian Ocean region, Rhoy Ramlackhan is the man you need to meet. He is a Member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and director of Broll Indian Ocean. When you see his diplomas, his job titles, the extent of his professional experience and what he has already achieved, you are surprised to realise that he, like the company he directs, embodies the paradox of being at once young and at the same time so calm and controlled.

He shows not the slightest sign of being ill-at-ease or shy—quite the opposite, in fact! Rhoy, who is lavish with advice and very communicative on such subjects as the media, about the place of Mauritius in the world economy, is a man who is sure of himself, but not at all pretentious.

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