“Diversifying our offer has paid off for Medine”

Medine is reaffirming its ambitions for the West of Mauritius. Jessica Vallet, Head of Sales within Medine Property, tells us more about the group’s ongoing projects.

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Jessica Vallet, Head of Sales Medine Property
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The City Garden - Oceanside
What is Uniciti’s vision?

Uniciti is best understood as a dynamic ecosystem built around sustainable development principles to offer the best in urban living. This integrated strategy is guided by three concepts: taking inspiration from the site, with a green strategy that connects its natural environment to its urban areas; seeking excellence via innovative solutions, the better to create a ‘smart’ lifestyle; and focusing on the human, with development that promotes greater connectivity between residents and their surroundings.

What makes the West so attractive?

This region offers exceptional advantages for a wide range of clients in search of a good quality of life. It has stunning landscapes, plenty of sunshine, surfing, kitesurfing and hiking spots, state of the art business and educational infrastructure, and a wide range of leisure facilities. In short, its amenities suit every need. Its carefully considered development also makes it a preferred area for investors seeking high rental returns and, in the long-term, attractive gains upon resale.
At the heart of the West, Uniciti has positioned itself as a destination of choice. The Smart City promotes social interaction while also boasting a series of iconic developments. Its residential phase is structured around a plan designed to enhance the wellbeing of its future residents via a mixed-use yet harmonious offer.

Tell us about your developments currently on the market.

The Oceanside precinct, with its unique “pocket neighbourhood” concept, aims to offer a high quality of life to its residents through social inclusion and interaction, mobility, and security. At its heart are three distinct neighbourhoods: The City Garden, home to 67 of Uniciti’s first building plots – which are already on the market – and The Village and The River, which will be listed soon. Nearby, the first built units in the Central neighbourhood are continuing to attract buyers (almost 70% have been sold to date). New office space, comprehensive medical facilities, and additional education programmes will soon enrich Uniciti’s offer. Finally, our teams are working on other residential projects to be launched by the end of the year. I can’t wait to share them with you!

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Tamarina Boutique Hotel
Medine’s real estate expertise is clear, then!

That’s right – our many years of experience, combined with the sheer number of projects to our credit and the expertise of our real estate teams have earnt us a reputation as a reliable developer. We have earned our clients’ loyalty, building relationships over time and often even across generations, and supporting entire families in their property management. This testifies to our clients’ unwavering confidence in us – which we return by giving them priority when launching new projects for example, or by offering them exclusive Lifestyle Memberships so they can take advantage of the best the West has to offer. Our expertise reassures our clients and partners. Diversifying our offer has paid off for Medine: our projects cater to a wide variety of client profiles, enabling us to meet the needs of our residents, visitors, and Smart City users alike.