Reopening of borders: the art of hosting with Beachcomber!

Sunbeams sparkling on the turquoise waters of Mauritian lagoons… A light sea breeze gently caressing your face… From the 15th of July, this idyllic setting invites you to pleasant getaways… Mauritius is opening its doors! 

Safe holidays!

At the Beachcomber group, pioneer in the Mauritian hotel industry, enthusiasm is at its peak. The welcoming staff wear a contagious smile, spreading their hospitality. Ready to open its eight hotels, the Beachcomber group–more dynamic than ever–promises authentic experiences to holidayers this season.

Luxury Indian Ocean Beachcomber 4
Luxury Indian Ocean Beachcomber 3

While the pandemic has been tormenting the island for more than a year now, health security has become a priority. Guaranteeing your safety, the group has created the SAFE PLACE label, in close collaboration with the International Bio-Analysis Laboratory (LIBA). This label aims to strengthen sanitary practices at the heart of their hotels to fight against the spread of Covid-19. 

 “We offer dreams and freedom to our guests. We wanted to play with the words of the Covid-19 vocabulary, now part of everyone’s constraining daily life, but contrasting them with joyful and elegant images,” explains Karine Perrier Curé, Chief Communication & CSR Officer of Beachcomber Resorts & Hotels.

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Peace of mind guaranteed!

 While this label is a guarantee of the health protocol, the expertise of the Beachcomber group offers assurance as to the quality of your stay. Hotel establishments will thus welcome visitors with a redesigned customer journey, starting from their transfer from the airport to the hotel, until their departure, through the various hotel activities such as the swimming pool, the spa and restaurants. Safe and unforgettable experiences, in order to enjoy a stay with confidence.