Say “Hip Hip Hip No Waste” with Rogers Foundation

Have you ever heard of the word “plogging”? If not, just have a look at this trend, launched one year ago, by the Rogers Foundation. As it has met a great success, the group has programmed a new operation last June. Ecology as its best with: «Hip Hip Hip, No Waste»!

Cleaning and doing sports: a good combination 

The Luxury Mauritius community has looked into the plogging concept. What a useful and funny way to do sports! Coined from the Swedish term “plocka upp” (to pick up) and “jogging”, the concept consists of any activity which mixes running or doing sports activities, and picking up litter. And Port-Louis has been the scene for such a Mauritian event: a sports session while cleaning up the vicinity of the Central Market. With this novelty, the Rogers foundation has  been able to gather several teams in the wake the 50th anniversary of the independence. Having fun and being eco-friendly in a go! Their mission has been to fill up a giant dumpster in front of the Rogers House.

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Ecology is everywhere and especially in Port Louis in June

Beginning of June, two anniversaries were celebrated: the World Oceans’Day (on the 8th of June) and the plogging event (on the 6th) to celebrate the success of the «Hip Hip Hip, No Waste» campaign launched by Rogers Foundation last March. Land and sea were put in the limelight as the Oceans’ Day was, this year, placed under the topic of plastic pollution and its prevention. Landwards, Port-Louis has undergone a deep cleaning session around the market.

As explained by Karine Curé, Chief Marketing and Communication Executive at Rogers,

«We are conscious that in Port Louis as elsewhere, litter dumped in the gutters is quickly driven to the bay, specially after heavy rainfalls. This is why, in the framework of its Corporate Social Responsibility programme ‘Respect our Coast’, the Rogers group has committed itself in favour of the conservation of coastal and marine ecosystems».

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The «Hip Hip Hip, No Waste» campaign launched by Rogers includes:

  • An interactive page « 50 éco-gestes pour demain » (50 eco-friendly gestures for tomorrow) on the Rogers website ( It went online in May to promote «green attitude».
  • A mini video  made for the 50th anniversary of the independence of Mauritius which questions our behaviour in many fields including sustainable development.
  • A «green market» organised from 8th to 10th of June at Bagatelle Mall in the framework of the International Environment Day on the 5th of June. 

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